PBS did a great job meeting my short term staffing and translation support needs during my recent visit to Lima.

Their staff was very professional and well versed in both western and local business practices. They also have the skills necessary to assist in both simple as well more complex business support services.   I look forward to using their team again during my next visit.

Ali Sarafzade

President, Codewerks LLC

Professional staff – a pleasure. I highly recommend their services. Cheers!
Salvador Garcia

Co-Founder, Viajes Educativos Vivenciales del Perú

“PBS have been engaged to provide Administration, Legal and Accounting Services to Laconia South America, an Australian ASX listed exploration company operating in Peru. PBS have provided prompt cost effective back office services from the Peruvian legal and fiscal and the ASX compliance perspectives. PBS staff are experienced and dynamic in their approach to service and results with emphasis on understanding a client’s scope of work and the deliverables required”
Nicholas Shakesby

Owner, LKI Exploration & Mining Consultants & Investors

Excellent professional services. PBS set up my company, bank account, reviewed leases and employment issues. Carla was excellent, her European professionalism meant all deadline were met. Fees were acceptable and the engagement process was quick and painless with lots of follow up calls to explain the process for a non-user. thanks.
Richy O’Carroll

Owner, Casa Fresh Huanchaco Hostel

The fine gentlemen at CBS leave a redoubtable impression. Amongst their many qualities they are generally punctual and at meetings can always be counted on to provide muffins.

Ashley Kirvan

Founder, Polymath Ventures

Although I have not used their back office services yet, all my inquiries have been answered very promptly and in a professional manner. I will definitely use them in the future.
Daniel Hill

Owner, Golden Lion Colombian Cider

The team over at CBS did a terrific job on a project that I needed help with. They are responsive, flexible, and pay close attention to detail. If you need any help with accounting or legal issues, this organization should be at the top of your list.
Robert Reisenweber


Cheryl and her staff have been extremely helpful answering questions I have about operating my business in Peru. Friendly and eager to help in every way.
Karl Muse

Owner, Muse Belts and Accesories

The chaps in CBS were very helpful in setting up my company and obtaining my VISA. They took care of everything and made the whole process very simple with minimal fuzz for a very competitive fee. Will use their services in the future and recommend anybody wishing to do business here in Colombia to use them to save time and take the stress out of things.
Karl Matson

Owner, Matson Associates

Excellent personal service at a competitive cost.
Nigel Chapman

CEO, Mining Company (withheld)

I have found PBS to be most professional and courteous in my dealings with them. They are very knowledgeable and take the time to explain things in detail. I would highly recommend them to anyone doing business in Peru.

Andrew J. Neale

Managing Director, The Cambridge Centre of Performance and Excellence, SAC

100% top notch! Their prices are reasonable, and great customer service.
Julie Lail

Marketing Strategist, Florida Blue

The PBS team did the best job helping us and advising us, we got all the information we needed immediately.  In this short time, we have had a really good experience with PBS
Zhang Jiang

Manager, Headship Kft.

After meeting PBS, we initiated negotiations regarding future services regarding two start ups. I was pleased to find all the staff that worked with us to be not only attentive and responsive, but aware of our specific needs. Although we were unable to proceed due to our own financial situation, it did not stop PBS and more specifically Chery Harvey and Craig Dempsey, from trying to find ways to make the effort work. In this day and age when customer service can be hard to come by, PBS has found a way maintain the ways of old. We hope that in the future, our situation will allow us to continue to explore partnerships with PBS and take advantage of their legal council in regards to future efforts.
Christopher White

COO, Atmocean, Inc.

Congrats to the PBS team. Delighted to have reached out to a company who knew what they were doing and did everything in an efficient manner. No problems, no stress no headaches. Thank you PBS for all your help and continued support. Best Regards, Barry.
Barry Canning

General Manager, Peru Property Management

How many people need an advice when they move from a country to another? Colombian Business Services is a concrete and professional answer! Thanks

Davide Bossi

Professional Chef

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