Due Diligence Services

Manage your business risks with tailored and thorough due diligence services for your investments, business partners, suppliers, employees and clients.

Our Services

Due Diligence

Background checks on people

Background checks on legal entities

Identity and qualification verification

Capability to investigate across multiple countries

Legal due diligence


Fraud investigation
Expert advice on extortion cases
Financial and asset analysis
Private investigations

Polygraphic Examinations

Pre-employment testing
Routine testing
Targeted testing
Post-incident testing
Carried out at client installations or our own

Corporate Intelligence and Counter-Intelligence

IP protection

Corporate espionage prevention

Competitors analysis

Data mining and big data analysis

Business intelligence

Risk Management

Vulnerability and risk analysis

Threat assessments

Mitigation and prevention systems

International security standards implementation

Risk management auditing

Crisis management


Building and office security
Protective security
VIP protection




Watch this video to learn more about our due dilligence services

Case Studies

While we keep our client’s information confidential, we have prepared a brief overview of jobs that we have carried out over the past five years. Click on the button to the right to learn more.

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