Happy 4th Anniversary To Our Group – Biz Latin Hub

Today marks the 4th anniversary of Biz Latin Hub – 4 years of bringing business to Latin America.

In early September 2014, our founders, Mr Craig Dempsey and Mr David Wright, noticing a need for quality, bi-lingual and local market entry and back-office services, launched Biz Latin Hub in a tiny office in Bogotá, Colombia. 

4 years later, by finding the best local and expatriate talent, our company has evolved from this tiny office in Bogota, to a multi-national firm, having offices in 12 Latin American jurisdictions and providing a diverse range of tailored business services which support our client’s and their businesses in Latin America.

Our Co-Founder and CEO, Craig Dempsey had this to say – “Our team has achieved more than we ever expected, and we are extremely pleased with our group’s evolution over the past 4 years. Both David and I want to thank our dedicated staff, who have been at the core of our success”. 

Biz Latin Hub Colombia
Biz Latin Hub – Team Colombia.

First, we want to take the time to say a big thanks to all our clients for their trust in our abilities, which has made this success possible. Secondly, we want to thank our partners for their support from day one. Finally, a special mention to all our staff, who have helped to bring Team BLH to where we are today; without their dedication and professionalism, we would not be in the position that we currently are.

According to TGDaily and many other sources, Latin America is experiencing a Golden Age of business growth and investment, and is now a global player with strong GDP growth.

Our first 4 years have shown the statement above is a reality, and we encourage businesses large and small to look towards Latin America as a region full of commercial opportunities. 

About Biz Latin Hub – 4th Anniversary 

Our group is a market leader that assists foreign companies to conduct business across the Latin American region. We are a dedicated team of locally based industry experts who support our clients by providing a full and multi-lingual suite of company incorporation and back-office services in the Latin American region. 


Get in touch and see how we can support you and your business in Latin America:

Name: Craig Dempsey
Position: Co-Founder and CEO 
Email: craig@bizlatinhub.com 

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