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Panama’s economy is the largest and most stable in Latin America. This Caribbean paradise offers an attractive business environment for international investors. The option for foreigners to form companies is a great investment and asset management option. Foreigners have the choice to form:

a) An onshore company

b) An offshore company

Onshore Company

Establishing an onshore company in Panama is the first step in beginning commercial operations in the region. As many foreign businesses are aware, Panama offers a great jurisdiction for business large and small. The region has an attractive fiscal system, free trade zones and thriving service sector. Additionally, the strategic importance of the Panama Canal cannot be overlooked. These factors create the ideal conditions to form a corporation. It is no surprise that Panama is the registered domicile for over 500,000 corporations.

Offshore Company

Forming an offshore company is a great form of asset management. There are many benefits that arise from forming an offshore company in Panama and investors from around the globe use the region as their wealth management destination of choice. Additionally, by establishing an offshore company in Panama, business owners can in most cases apply for a Friendly Nations Visa, thereby providing individual tax residency in Panama. 

Despite the vast array of advantages, setting up in Panama can be complicated due to the local legal system. In order to better understand the steps to form an onshore or offshore company in Panama, our experts have created a presentation that outlines everything you need to know. Get in contact with us and receive personalised information by filling out the form at the bottom of the page.

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