What are the Accounting & Taxation Requirements in Indonesia?

Indonesia is steadily becoming a hotspot for business activity, both from businesses in the region and abroad. Multinational companies expanding into Asia are choosing Indonesia because of its steady economic size and growth, low costs of operations, and strategic location. Due to its proximity to the immense Chinese market, Indonesia is an attractive location to do business. As with every country, the Indonesian government sets a number of accounting and taxation requirements for businesses operating in the country. Businesses must meet their local accounting and tax obligations in Indonesia, in order to continue operating in good status and avoid unnecessary delays or sanctions. Failure to comply with these standards will land the business in hot water with Indonesian authorities. Bear in mind that if you or your team are not familiar with Indonesian corporate regulations, you should engage a trusted, knowledgeable third party to support your activities and ensure your business is fully compliant with the law. To help businesses beginning commercial operations in Indonesia, our accounting professionals have produced the following presentation outlining key accounting and taxation requirements for business. For further personalized advice and support, reach out to our team of specialists to receive a quote customized to your accounting and back-office needs. Learn more about our accounting and legal experts based around the world, and the accounting and taxation support we can provide in Indonesia.

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