Biz Latin Hub Accredited By Better Business Bureau

Biz Latin Hub has been accredited business by Better Business Bureau in Mexico. Better business bureau. BBB accredited business

In October 2019, Biz Latin Hub became accredited by Better Business Bureau (BBB) for our market entry and back-office services in Mexico. This organization uses an accreditation ranking system to assess business, charities and non-profit organizations. 

BBB stores data about companies and uses dispute resolution procedures established by the BBB Council to generate a grade for a business’ own dispute management ability, ranging from A+ to F. Biz Latin Hub has scored an A+ rating.

When a business is accredited by BBB, it means the business meets all accreditation standards, which includes a commitment to enforcing good and fair practice of their duties. An accredited business is also recognized for its commitment to resolve any consumer complaint in the shortest possible time.

Being accredited by BBB is very important. As a business accredited by Better Business Bureau our customers can read our ratings, ranking and read all complaints or positive comments other customers have posted about us. The company profile is published in the BBB page.

What is the Better Business Bureau?

The Better Business Bureau is a longstanding organization with well-established standards that have evolved over the 100 years it has been in operations. BBB operates across the United States, Canada and Mexico.

BBB states its vision to: “An ethical marketplace where buyers and sellers trust each other.”

BBB accredited business
Better business bureau. BBB accredited business.

The organization works to inform consumers about companies and providers across the 3 countries, so they can make informed decisions about who they choose to work with. BBB’s standards behind its ranking system evolves constantly to adapt to the changing needs of the market.

“The golden rule for every businessman is this: put yourself in your customer’s place.” – Orison Swett M.

As a customer, you can check the customer service-related reputation of a business through a trusted evaluator like BBB. This gives you the feedback and confidence you need to have a better understanding of your prospective provider. You have the opportunity to check the references left behind by customers before you and most importantly, decide whether the business is a serious and reliable company.

Biz Latin Hub accredited market entry and back-office services in Mexico

Biz Latin Hub is business accredited by Better Business Bureau, is a multinational company that assists foreign businesses to enter 15 different markets across Latin America and the South Pacific.

Our teams of legal and accounting experts can support your market expansion with a customizable suite of multilingual market entry and back-office services.

What makes us and our value proposition unique is that we offer the complete package of back-office services in-house, which means our teams of local and expatriate professionals can help you to:

  • understand the market
  • incorporate your company
  • open and manage bank accounts
  • assist with tax and corporate accounting
  • provide hiring and payroll support, and 
  • access other expert legal guidance during your expansion and ongoing operations in Latin America and the South Pacific.

Contact us for market entry and back-office support

We are the link for foreign investors and entrepreneurs to the developing economies of Latin America, and have grown to become market leaders in this field.

For more information about the specialist support we provide and how we can personalize it to your business needs, reach out today.

Learn more about our team of legal, accounting and other sector experts.

Biz Latin Hub market entry and back-office services. Better business bureau. BBB accredited business

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