BLH & ALABC Unite: Increased Business Ties Between Australia and Latin America

Latin America – 7th August 2018 

Biz Latin Hub (BLH), the young Latin America market disrupter has united with the Australian Latin America Business Council (ALABC) through a corporate membership.

Biz Latin Hub and ALABC Forge Closer Relationship

Biz Latin Hub Australian Latin America Business Council
Biz Latin Hub – Team Mexico

Whilst the BLH company headquarters are located in Bogota, Colombia, and with offices across key Latin America jurisdictions, BLH has always maintained a particularly strong connection with Australia. Co-Founder and CEO, Mr Craig Dempsey is an Australian citizen, has lived in Latin America for 6+ years, but has always maintained a relationship with his homeland. Through a comprehensive knowledge of the LATAM business environment, Mr Dempsey has been able to position BLH as the trusted Latin America partner of Australian companies looking to expand business operations into the region. Some notable Australian clients, both private and public (ASX) of BLH include Nexpay, Sedgman, Laconica Resources, MHM Metals, Minera Gold, Loyal King International, Ascot Resources and PolyMath Ventures.

Mr Craig Dempsey, former Australian Army Officer, is excited to be active in supporting the ALABC – “We look forward to a close collaboration with the ALABC and to combined support for the growth of business links between the regions. Seeing the Australian community actively involved in Latin America on a variety of fronts makes me proud and excited – the future looks bright for both regions“.

The BLH group are excited to be working alongside ALABC and are keen to strengthen business ties between Latin America and Australia. While traditionally Australian investment in Latin America hasn’t been as large as compared to other regions, in recent times, there has been a steady increase in both FDI, trade, social programs, education etc; highlighting the increasing relations between the regions.

Marcelo Salas, the recently appointed CEO of the ALABC welcomes BLH into the business council and appreciates the support that the group provides to Australian companies looking to enter and operate in the Latin American marketplace, which can often prove to be complicated, especially for companies lacking on-the-ground knowledge and support. “We are delighted to welcome Biz Latin Hub into the ALABC and we are excited to work closely with the group over the coming years to achieve a common goal of increasing business ties between these great regions. The growth in fruitful business opportunities in Latin America has created an ideal environment for Australian companies looking to establish operations and we see BLH as an ideal partner to assist these companies. I have no doubt that relations of all kinds between Latin America and Australia will only continue to grow, develop and diversify over the coming years.” – Marcelo Salas CEO, ALABC 

The new partnership between BLH and ALABC will strengthen over the coming months and years as they work together to further encourage and promote commercial relations between Australia and Latin America. 

The Australia-Latin America Business Council
The ALABC was established in 1989, and today their membership is comprised of leading companies and individuals who are at the forefront of forging business links between Australia and Latin America. The diversity of their membership reflects the growing trade links between Australia and Latin America and guarantees a strong network of experienced entrepreneurs who are committed to developing business in the region.

The Biz Latin Hub Group
Biz Latin Hub is owned and managed by an experienced team of local and expatriate professionals, dedicated to assisting our clients to navigate their way through the complexities of the Latin American business environment. We are a market leader in helping both local and foreign companies to successfully do business in Latin America, by providing a full suite of multi-lingual Commercial Representation and back-office services.

For further information on the Biz Latin Hub Group, get in contact with Co-Founder and CEO, Mr Craig Dempsey at

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