BLH Continues Expanding in LATAM: New Office in Panama

“The Biz Latin Hub growth story continues with the establishment of our 11th country office” Craig Dempsey

Biz Latin Hub is delighted to announce the opening of our newest office in Panama City. This latest expansion into the Panamanian market is an exciting opportunity for the company and is indicative of the importance that this small Central American nation holds in the region.

The Panama office will be managed by Patrick Caunter, who will also oversee regional responsibilities in Central America. Patrick has over 23 years of experience in a variety of positions that have made him a true master of logistics, management and analysis, including 13 years with Swiss company Panalpina and over a decade in Latin America. Patrick has spent time working in Panama, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela in a variety of capacities.

6 steps to form a company in panama, a Biz Latin Hub's infographic
6 Steps to form a company in Panama

Why Panama?

Panama is a fascinating and underrated Latin American commercial jurisdiction. Patrick explained to us that there is a lot more business opportunities available than simply the famously favourable offshore banking system that seems to characterise the country’s industrial activity. Although the incredible ease of incorporating a company in Panama is a hugely attractive selling point for investors, it must be noted that the country is home to a wealth of industries that merit investment. Patrick stresses the importance of the Panama Canal, an influential spot for maritime trade which facilitates the large export and import industry Panama boasts, exporting retail products to the northern tip of South America whilst also providing crucial access to the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Patrick brought to attention the exciting prospects of a growing tourism industry in a country that boasts natural beauty in abundance and finally the largest commercial centre in Latin America, Albrook Mall.

“Panama has always been an exciting location to do business”

Patrick said “I believe that traditionally Panama has been a hub and has attracted many multinationals to house their headquarters here. From Dell to Nike, Panama has always been an exciting location to do business and the largest companies in the world all have a presence here”. He also spoke about what makes Panama such a unique working environment citing “a stress-free and simple business environment that actively seeks a wealth and diversity of investment” as well as the “obvious convenience of working in a country with such an accomplished level of bilingualism in Spanish and English, something that has hugely benefited American and foreign investors to feel at home here”. 

As well as speaking to us about Panama, Patrick shared his insight on the rest of Central America and the optimism he feels for the region. “I am very excited to take up responsibility for BLH operations in the wider Central American region in addition to my role as Country Manager of Panama. Given the small geographic size of these countries, trade and export between these the regions in Central America create exciting and dynamic business opportunities. Panama’s main trade partner, Costa Rica, can receive goods in just 10 hours by land- this facilitates the process for foreign investors that wish to operate in the region

We feel that this is a truly exciting moment in BLH’s mission to open Latin American business to the world. If you have any questions regarding doing business in Panama, please get in contact with us.

A BLH infogrpahic showing key services offered by the company
Key services offered by Biz Latin Hub

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