How to Form a Company in Belize

Belize has grown to become one of Latin Americas preferred jurisdictions for incorporating an offshore company. With the third largest economy in Central America per capita, only after Panama and Costa Rica, a stable currency and pro-investment governmental policies, it is now considered an attractive location for forming an offshore company. Offshore companies are extensively used as an efficient business structure for both wealth management and asset protection. A key advantage for many foreigners looking to incorporate an offshore entity in Belize is that the country operates in both English and Spanish, and according to English common law. Investors often get over-excited and jump into forming their offshore company without a comprehensive understanding of local Belizean laws and regulations. Our experts have created a presentation which examines the steps involved to create an offshore company in Belize. Get in contact with one of our specialists and see how we can assist you. Get personalised information using the contact form below.

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