Meet The Team: Diego Alvarez, the Lawyer Taking Over Ecuador

Diego’s plans for the future involve traveling with his family and exploring more of Asia and Latin America.

Diego Alvarez, originally from Ecuador’s capital Quito, is now the Ecuador and Costa Rica Country Manager for the Latin American company Biz Latin Hub.

Growing up, Diego was always interested in movies, novels, science-fiction comics, and traveling. Diego always wanted to become a film director because of his love for movies. When Diego was 18, he could either choose to go to film school, and he would have to pay for it, or he could go to school to become a lawyer, and his parents would pay his tuition. On the spot, Diego made up his mind and decided to go to school to become a lawyer.

Sometime later, Diego decided to attend Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Ecuador. He didn’t know that he had such a love for law until he started taking classes at University, in particular, he took an interest in those related to intellectual property and copyright. As he progressed he decided that it would be beneficial to study abroad in a different country to expand his knowledge and education. So he traveled and studied in two small towns in England, Swanage and Matlock.

Diego describes his time in England as a great experience, having had the opportunity to practice his English. He grew to love the city, people, and culture of England. This is also where Diego’s love for travel increased.

When Diego turned 21, he had the opportunity to move to the United States. He spent six months in a small town in the south of Colorado. While there, he worked at ski resorts to make some extra money. Although Diego wasn’t in Colorado for that long, he enjoyed the environmental change.

After Diego’s time in Colorado, he returned to Ecuador and started working as a lawyer. While in Ecuador, he worked for one of the biggest law firms, Pérez Bustamante & Ponce. Diego first worked as a paralegal. Through the job he was able to network with other people. Later on, he moved on to another company, Corral Rosales. This is one as well is one of the top law firms in all of Ecuador. He was with the company for five years, where he worked as an associate. He worked with the company regarding employment law, visas, data protection, and corporate law.

Diego also had the opportunity to study an LLM in Spain where he specialized and had the opportunity to work on issues related to technology law, the entertainment industry and data protection.

Now, Diego works as the Country Manager for Ecuador and Costa Rica at Biz Latin Hub. Diego has a very close and personal relationship with the clients for Biz Latin Hub. His main role is to lead operations in Costa Rica and Ecuador, maintain working relationships and give support to legal buys regarding business entities and incorporating businesses.

Diego loves the different people he gets to meet through his work at Biz Latin Hub. He is highly valued in the Biz Latin Hub team, and can always be counted on to assist with any complex legal questions.

Diego is the proud father of a three-year-old boy and spends his free time with his wife and son. His plans for the future involve traveling with his family and exploring more of Asia and Latin America.

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Check out the short video below for more information on Ecuador as a business destination. 

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