What are the Corporate Compliance Requirements for Legal Entities in Indonesia?

Indonesia is an exciting place to do business, emerging as a key business destination in Southeast Asia. With a steadily growing economy and a government committed to reducing barriers to foreign business, multinationals are looking to Indonesia as a key market to set up their hub in Asia.

To take advantage of these opportunities, businesses entering the Indonesian market must understand and comply with all corporate regulations set by the local government. Failure to do so can result in financial or other sanctions, and presents a risk to the reputation of the business and its ability to continue operations.

Our corporate law executives have prepared the following presentation to support businesses operating in Indonesia. In this presentation, our team of professionals outline key corporate compliance requirements in Indonesia for legal entities, broken up into four main segments:

  1. Corporate obligations
  2. National taxes that must be paid
  3. Labor obligations
  4. Social security contributions.

We also outline a schedule of the monthly and annual requirements mentioned in the above segments, so businesses can keep track of when their next compliance due date is coming.

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