Meet the Team: Dennis ‘The Groundbreaker’ Acosta

Dennis Stephan Acosta Velásquez, or simply Dennis, is the Country Coordinator of our Biz Latin Hub office in Panama and is a passionate corporate lawyer, representing the firm not only on a corporate but also on a legal level. Thanks to his innovative mindset, he is always one step ahead and has a deep understanding of the commercial opportunities in Panama.

Meet The Team Biz Latin Hub Panama
Dennis is not only a passionate corporate lawyer but also a great family man.

Dennis was born and raised in the province Chiriqui in Panama, where he also attended Primary and Secondary studies in the Panamerican institute, IPA. Later in life, in 2017, he moved to the capital of Panamá to successfully obtain his Bachelor degree in Law and Political Science at the Universidad Latina de Panamá in Panama City. Dennis has not only gained a great range of theoretical knowledge throughout his academic career but also a large number of practical experiences starting in the migration departments of the legal service provider ALCOGAL. Later, he extended his legal and corporative knowledge as a legal assistant to fields ranging from civil litigation to sanitary registration to immigration and intellectual property.

Since September, with an age of 25 years, Dennis has been the country coordinator of our office in Panama City. His main tasks involve a large scope of corporative services, such as legal support, tax planning, payroll service management or administrative services. Additionally, he helps several European, US and Australian firms with their company formation and representation. 

In a short period, Dennis has become an irreplaceable part of the Biz Latin Hub team in Panama, supporting businesses from all over the world. According to him, Biz Latin Hub is a “revolutionary figure” helping businesses and entrepreneurs to get a grip in the international business environment of Latin America. He considers the young generation to be an important part of globalization; connecting a macroeconomically strong and constant Panama with developed countries all over the globe. 

“Biz Latin Hub is a company that prides itself on being a local partner – more than just a service provider. We want to provide a solution to the problems of our clients.”

In addition to his great work in the Panamanian office, Dennis maintains a healthy lifestyle, enjoying doing calisthenics (sports with your own body weight) and other contact sports. However, what lies most heavily in his heart is spending as much time as possible with his family. 

If you want to get in contact with Dennis and his team, please send an email to here and see how they can help support your business operations in Panama. 

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