Meet the Team: Diego “The Surfer” Ciudad Real

With one of his many goals embedded in growing the internal business presence in El Salvador and the rest of Central America, native Diego Ciudad Real is the Country-Coordinator for Biz Latin Hub´s operations in the small nation on Central America’s Pacific Coast. Having already qualified as a lawyer and worked in the two particularly demanding areas of immigration and Intellectual Property Law, Diego is currently finishing off his thesis in Corporate Law at the Argentine ISEADE-FEPADE university campus in El Salvador. Determined as ever, Diego is due to complete his studies within a year, with the eventual aim of becoming a public notary in the not-too-distant future. 

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Now 26 years of age, Diego has over 10 years of solid, well-practiced Surfing experience and openly dreams of taking his talents to Rio de Janeiro.

As do many of us as kids, Diego developed a passion for sports and physical activity as a child; El Salvador’s coastal presence undoubtedly played a big part in deciding the sport he became most passionate about – Surfing – starting out at age 15. Now 26 years of age, Diego has over 10 years of solid, well-practiced surfing experience and openly dreams of taking his talents to Rio de Janeiro where he expects to be tested, by the Atlantic wave-fronts as well as the local competition – of which there will be much. Despite focusing the majority of his time to Surfing, Diego has always taken full advantage of his native roots, taking plenty of time to hike many of the Central America volcanoes. Proudly claiming Guatemala and Honduras as his favorites – the latter being home to “some of the nicest people” he’s met thus far – Diego still travels to both countries relatively frequently to hike the volcanoes, continuing to provide his body with physical exercise while strengthening his connection with the nature he’s become so accustomed to.   

Seeking growth and further development in his career, Diego joined Biz Latin Hub’s Central American team in July of 2018, on the back of having already worked for some of the biggest law firms in El Salvador for close to 6 years. With the role of Country Coordinator being diverse and demanding, Diego’s typical week ranges from providing tailored legal services to overseeing all of Biz Latin Hub’s operations in El Salvador. Enjoying his development at the company so far, one of Diego’s biggest short-medium term aims is to continue accelerating Biz Latin Hub’s growth in the country, cementing the company’s strong market position in the region. What made Biz Latin Hub so appealing to Diego, in fact, was its continental presence, bringing a range of international networking connections outside of his Central American career-base. Having family abroad in the States has also helped Diego develop a heightened interest in the rest of the world, aiming to visit his family in California at least once a year and making it his personal duty to spend time in other countries whenever time permits – a true global citizen.  

With a passionate disdain for the cold, it’s perhaps unlikely Diego will be permanently relocating anywhere too far from the Americas right now. Although, as he’s keen to learn and develop his talents in all aspects, you may catch him on a between waves somewhere in the Copacabana region in the near future – eyes peeled!

If you would like to get in touch with Diego and/or our team in El Salvador, feel free to contact us today.

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