Meet the Team: The Tireless One – Julissa García Espinoza

Julissa García Espinoza, or simply Juli, as she is called by her colleagues, is the legal counsel of Biz Latin Hub´s office in Lima, Peru. One of her strongest qualities is a continual thirst for knowledge in her field of work, and a genuine desire to improve as a professional. 

Being born and raised in Peru, she continued her professional development at the ‘Universidad San Martín de Porres’, Lima, and obtained a Bachelor of Law in 2007, specializing in corporate law. In order to gain professional and practical knowledge in the field of law, Julissa spent three years with the national superintendence of state goods (SBN), assisting in managing registrations of public estate and their legal information. In 2012, she joined an exciting project at ‘MP Proyectos y Consultoria EIRL’, that assisted with consultancy services for the renowned private and corporate banking institution, HSBC 

Julissa Biz Latin Hub Peru
Julissa enjoys taking part in seminars at the Peruvian-British Chamber of Commerce.

Having gained extensive professional experience in the private and public sector, Julissa joined the Biz Latin Hub Team in April 2015, starting as a legal assistant and developed into a fully qualified legal counsel that represents the firm proudly. Currently, she passionately supports foreign companies in fields ranging from natural resource extraction to gold commercialization to software providers.

Now, an established and significant part of the Biz Latin Hub Team in Peru, she continues to develop professionally in order to gain a deeper insight into different subjects concerning her work with Biz Latin Hub. Julissa specializes in the contracting of foreign employees and enjoys taking part in seminars at the Peruvian-British Chamber of Commerce. By always striving for a greater base of knowledge, she wants to continue helping the team the best she can and provide a unique style of input and cooperation. As Julissa said:

 “From when it started, Biz Latin Hub has expanded incredibly quickly and is always two steps ahead. My synonym for Biz Latin Hub would be proactivity.”  She also praises Peru as “a market that complies with all the norms, removing barriers so that foreigners can start or develop their business in Peru.”

As well as her unwavering dedication to Biz Latin Hub, she lives a happy life being the mother of two children. She tries to enjoy the time with her family as much as possible. In her free time, Julissa enjoys reading books and is working hard to perfect her English by attending a language school. Her main hobbies include playing football with friends and dancing. 

Get in contact with Julissa and see how her team can support you and your business in Peru.


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