How to Apply for a Visa in Paraguay

For the last decade, Paraguay has increasingly become an attractive country for business. There are many benefits to start or expand your business in Paraguay, including its strategic geographical location, low tax pressure, abundance of clean and cheap energy, and young population.

Being a founding member of MERCOSUR (Southern Common Market), Paraguay gives you tariff advantages, free movement of citizens and residents of member countries, as well as agreements with other economic blocs such as the EU. The country offers easy access to some of the largest markets in the region such as those in Brazil and Argentina. The Paraguayan economy generates around US$30 billion, according to recent statistics. Rating agencies expect the country’s performance in the coming years to remain positive.

In addition to these positive points, Paraguay also welcomes foreign business, offering a number of advantages for new entrants to succeed in the market. Part of this is an established program for foreigners to gain visas and residency, called the Unified System of Opening and Closing of Companies (SUACE). Our visa processing experts have prepared this presentation to briefly outline the required documentation to obtain a visa through this process.

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