How to Apply for a Visa in Indonesia

Multinational companies are incorporating in Indonesia to take advantage of emerging business and trade opportunities in one of the most active business hubs in Asia. Not only is Indonesia the largest economy among its Southeast Asian counterparts, but it also offers a springboard into other nearby markets. This includes gaining access to the immense Chinese consumer market.

Business owners and executives moving into the country have a number of options to obtain temporary and permanent residency in Indonesia. Importantly, for business purposes executives can obtain a visa through an investment in the country.

Indonesia sets clear expectations and requirements for those applying for business and investment visas, but foreign nationals unfamiliar with Indonesia’s legal frameworks may find it challenging to navigate them on their own.

Our visa processing specialists have put together the following presentation to communicate the requirements for a business and investment visa in Indonesia for commercial actors. It is highly recommended that prospective applicants for these visas seek trusted and knowledgeable local experts to guide them through this process to ensure minimized wait times. At Biz Latin Hub, we provide highly responsive and comprehensive support to ensure people can obtain their visa as soon as possible and without undue delay.

For further personalized advice and support, reach out to our team of specialists to receive a quote customized to your business needs.

Learn more about our visa processing experts, and the immigration and residency support we can provide in Indonesia.

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