Contratación de empleados – PEO versus Establecer una Entidad en Argentina

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Argentina, the southern Latin American country has transitioned away from its protectionist past is now an attractive place to hire local staff and engage in commercial operations. The region boasts a highly educated population and is one of the regions with the greatest levels of English Fluency in Latin America, making the prospect of beginning business activities in the region that much more attractive.

Having a large working population with a good pool of candidates is appealing to new companies trying to expand into the Argentinian market. However, there are general employment rules in Argentina that have to be considered before hiring employees.

Argentina is one of the few countries that gives a full scope of employee rights to all employees regardless of contract type. It also limits the tenure of fixed term contract workers - they may be hired for a maximum of 5 years. Temporary workers have a 6-month maximum stay. Companies are often rewarded for hiring previous unemployed or disabled people.

So called "casual employment," along with contract employment, requires a written agreement. These agreements must function in line with industry-wide collective agreements that take precedence. It is even possible to impose a collective agreement in Argentina to individual companies.

Argentina limits an employee workday to 8 hours/day, 48 hours/week. There are a few exceptions. However, work that has been deemed unhealthy must cease after 6 hours a day, and no overtime may be performed. Employees are required to have rest periods of 12 hours per 2 days or before hitting 35 continuous hours worked in a week.

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