Meet the Team: Andrés Vargas, Senior Corporate Lawyer in Colombia

Andrés Vargas works as Biz Latin Hub’s Senior Corporate Lawyer in Colombia. Andrés is one of the longest-serving members of Biz Latin Hub, having been a part of our team for 5 years now.

Andres Vargas, Corporate Lawyer Colombia
Andrés Vargas, our Senior Corporate Lawyer in Colombia, practices and teaches karate in his spare time.

During his time as the Head of the corporate law team in Colombia, Andrés has been influential in supporting clients from a variety of countries and sectors achieve their business objectives in Colombia.

Andrés joined Biz Latin Hub shortly after the launch of the company in 2014 in Bogotá. As the Senior Corporate Lawyer in Colombia, he has made an extraordinary effort to provide comprehensive, customized solutions to serve the commercial needs of his clients and with the highest level of professionalism and attention.

“I especially enjoy when I find the solution to our clients’ problems. Being able to deliver results and keep our clients happy is the most important part of the job for me,” says Andrés.

In 2012, Andrés graduated from Sergio Arboleda University in Bogotá. After working in a variety of positions as Labor Law Advisor, Head of Commercial Law, he joined the Biz Latin Hub team in September 2014, and has been supporting the company through its first 5 years of operations. 

Andrés Vargas, Senior Corporate Lawyer in Colombia
Andrés has experience in various areas, specializing in labor, commercial and trademark law.

Andrés has experience in various areas, specializing in labor, commercial and trademark law. Since joining Biz Latin Hub, he has developed his intercultural communication skills and has become fluent in English. What Andrés likes most about working as a corporate lawyer in Colombia with Biz Latin Hub is working directly with clients and playing an active role in the success of their commercial pursuits in Colombia.

Andrés breaks a number of stereotypes surrounding lawyers: Andrés has been involved with Karate since the age of 11, and has a black belt. In addition to practicing, during his free time he also teaches Karate to children in his own school, including  the technical and philosophical aspects of this Ancient martial art.

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We utilize our depth of knowledge and experience to provide key guidance and customizable market entry and back-office solutions to expanding businesses in Colombia and the Latin American region.

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