How can our Company Formation Services help your Business?

Our Company Formation Services

Our Company Formation Services

We offer a comprehensive, streamlined solution for setting up and maintaining your local legal entity. Trust our local team of legal experts to help you understand the types of legal entities and guide you through the complete company formation and corporate bank account opening process.

Company Incorporation
Corporate Governance
Company Books
Legal Representation
Fiscal Domicile
Unique Tax Identifier
The Statutory Company Requirements in Latin America

Learn about the statutory requirements to form a company in Latin America and the requirements to maintain your company in good legal standing.

Read our business essentials guide to forming a new company in Latin America.

Company Incorporation

Company incorporation is the legal process to form a company or corporate entity. A corporation is a legal vehicle that legally separates the company’s assets and its owners.

Corporate Governance

Corporate governance is ensuring a company or corporate entity’s legal compliance and good standing. Compliance with local regulations and laws is critical to avoid fines or penalties.

Company Books

Company books are the formal record of a legal entity’s history and constitution and must be regularly updated. Information includes ownership, administration, and corporate governance of the entity.

Fiscal Domicile

The fiscal domicile is the legal address of a company. This address is disclosed on the public record and is used for all official governmental and legal correspondence.

Unique Tax Identifier

The unique tax identification number is a number assigned to a company so it can be identified by governmental entities for taxation and other legal purposes.

1. Client on-boarding
2. Draft Powers of attorney
3. Receive Client documentation
4. Translate shareholder documents
5. Incorporate the company
6. Secure the unique tax identifier
7. Create the company books
8. Open the company bank account

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Frequently Asked Questions on Company Formation

Check some commonly asked questions about how to form a company and how Biz Latin Hub can help.

How can Biz Latin Hub help with company formation?

An experienced company formation agent such as Biz Latin Hub will streamline the company incorporation process as well as provide advice on types of legal structures or types of companies available based on your needs. They will be familiar with the administrative hurdles involved, making the company formation process considerably faster, more efficient and best suited to your needs.

What are the steps to company formation?

The process starts by signing a formal services agreement, after-which Biz Latin Hub would proceed with the client onboarding process whereby we gather the required information about the new entity, including details regarding shareholders, capitalization and chosen company name. With this information, if the Client is not in the country, we would prepare the required powers of attorney. We would then proceed to gather supporting documentation from the Client, prepare the company bylaws, complete the company registration, secure the unique company identification number, secure the unique company taxation identification number, and manage the bank account opening process.

How long does it take to incorporate a company in Latin America?

Timing for starting a business in Latin America varies between countries, but normally takes between one to four months on average.

Do I need to be in the country to register a company?

No, in most cases, the company incorporation process can be completed through a power of attorney.

Do I need a legal representative to oversee business formation?

Yes, all countries will require an individual or firm to be the appointed legal face of the company. While it does vary, most countries will require that this person be a local national or a foreigner with the right to live and work in the country. The person appointed in this role is usually the company owner, a senior executive, or a lawyer. This appointment can be provided by BLH if required.

Can I open a company bank account and do I need to be in person?

Yes, you can open a company bank account, however in most cases there will be a requirement for the company legal representative to be physically present during the account opening process. It is important to note that the banks will require comprehensive documentation confirming the final beneficiary owner of the account.

Do I need a fiscal address for the new company?

Yes, all countries require the registration of a local fiscal address for legal and tax purposes. This can be provided by the Biz Latin Hub if needed.

What do I need to do to maintain the new company?

The requirements vary by country; however, in most countries, there is a requirement for filing monthly and annual tax declarations, completing an annual general meeting, and various other corporate compliance filings throughout the calendar year.

What our clients say

Biz Latin Hub is a legal and accounting services firm rapidly gaining ground in the fast-evolving markets of Latin America. This has been possible thanks to the clarity of its objectives and its willingness to deliver sustained leadership. With an increased presence in small and big markets, Biz Latin Hub is developing formulas for pursuing appropriate segments, while at the same time creating new business opportunities and synergies. This is great news for companies interested in doing business and/or incorporating a legal entity within the region.

 Jairo Hernandez, Ambassador of Costa Rica to the Commonwealth of Australia


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