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Our team of tax specialists understand and keep up to date with local and international tax regulations in Latin America relevant to our clients’ needs. We deliver exceptional service to help companies develop their business activities and optimize their tax burdens in Latin America while reducing risks, costs and liabilities. Find out about local and international tax regulations, transfer pricing requirements, optimal corporate structure, tax incentives and digital services tax obligations.

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Learn more about our local and international tax advisory services and how we can optimize your company’s tax burden to reduce risk and improve profitability in full compliance with local legislation, and with careful consideration of the complexities of local markets in Latin America.

Local Taxes

We help our clients understand and comply with regulations regarding income tax, value-added tax (VAT), withholdings, turnover taxes, and any other district or local tax that impacts or may be of interest for their business purpose.

International Taxes

We help our clients understand and comply with international tax regulations (double taxation treaties and benefits, conventions, international organization recommendations), and local regulations that have international implications.

Transfer Pricing

We cover all our clients’ needs regarding transfer pricing requirements and documentation to help them comply with the standing regulation in each country they operate in across Latin America.

VAT Refunds, Tax Credits & Other Tax Incentives

We assist our clients in identifying and processing any tax credits and VAT refunds that they are due, optimizing their tax bill whilst meeting the legal requirements of the countries in which they operate.

Corporate Structuring

We understand and keep up to date with the latest corporate structuring regulations and trends, to analyze the current or proposed structures of our clients, proposing savings and optimization opportunities while fully complying with the local and regional legal dispositions.

Digital Services Tax

We understand the evolving digital services tax landscape and help our clients comply with the standing regulations and requirements for e-commerce and digital services in all jurisdictions of Latin America.

Find out how our tax advisory experts can support your business in all stages of operations


Help our clients plan and develop their business tax activities, solve their questions, do research on their behalf, and advise on commercial activities.


Support clients to engage with local authorities and comply with local regulations in real time.


Interact with local tax authorities or courts when conflicts arise and carry out strategic litigation and litigation prevention.

Frequently Asked Questions on Local and international Tax Services

Based on our experience, these are the most commonly asked questions about how to manage tax and corporate structuring and how Biz Latin Hub can help.

What is tax advisory?

A tax advisory service is a specialized offering where tax professionals guide clients in tax planning and compliance. They ensure accurate tax filing, optimal utilization of tax deductions and credits, and legal tax savings.

What is international tax law?

International tax law comprises regulations that govern taxation for individuals and businesses with international operations. These laws cover various taxes, including income, corporate, capital gains, estate, and gift taxes. Countries establish their tax rates and rules, which can differ significantly based on the type of business activity.

Why Should I Consider Hiring a Tax Advisor?

A tax advisor can help you understand tax laws, save money, and avoid potential legal issues related to taxation.

How Does a Tax Advisor Differ from an Accountant?

While both tax advisors and accountants play crucial roles in financial management, they serve distinct functions. A tax advisor specializes in tax planning and filing, while an accountant focuses on accounting, bookkeeping, and payroll tasks. At Biz Latin Hub, we offer both tax advisory and accounting services, allowing you to focus on your business’s growth.

What is an Audit Firm?

An audit firm is a professional service provider that conducts audits, which are independent examinations of a company’s financial statements. These audits ensure the accuracy and fairness of these statements, providing confidence to stakeholders. Biz Latin Hub houses a team of auditors who can provide thorough and unbiased audits for your business.

How Can I Engage Biz Latin Hub For Tax Advisory?

To engage Biz Latin Hub for and tax advisory services, please connect with us through our contact us page. Our team is ready to provide the comprehensive financial support your business needs.

What our clients say

Biz Latin Hub is one of the best partners we have ever worked with. Their specialized team finds solutions to complicated problems. Also, work in finding the fastest and most agile way to help. We have used their legal, tax, accounting, and general consultancy services, and they always over-delivered and offered their help in various ways. We strongly recommend Biz Latin Hub if you ever want to conduct business in Latin America.

– Anas Zandaki, Strategic Initiatives Team Lead, Emma Sleep GmbH


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