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We handle your financial, accounting and taxation needs so you can focus on growing your core business. Trust our local team of accounting experts to guide and support your business operations through the preparation and filing of company tax declarations, maintaining the company accounts and with the provision of treasury services.

Bookkeeping Services
Invoice Management
Payroll Processing
Audit & Tax Filing
Financial Reporting
Treasury Services
Accounting and Finance Services - Latin America - Biz Latin hub

Learn more about our accounting and taxation services and how we can help you to be in fully compliance with local legislation despite the complexities of local markets in Latin America.

Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping is recording the financial transactions of a company and is a key part of maintaining the company accounts. Transactions include purchases, sales, receipts, and payments.

Invoice Management

Invoice Management is the management of company invoices, including the creation of invoices, tracking of monies received and payment of supplier invoices.

Payroll Processing

Payroll processing is the calculation and preparation of company payroll salaries, including base salary, pension, health, employment insurance, employment taxes and other salary related benefits.

Audit & Tax Filing

Auditing is the process of forensically examining company financial records. Tax filing is the calculation, preparation and filing of taxes with the relevant tax authority in compliance with local laws and regulations.

Financial Reporting

Financial reporting is the preparation of company financial accounts in order to convey business activities and financial performance. This may include cashflow reports, balance sheets and/or profit and loss statements.

Treasury Services

Treasury services involve preparing and making payments on behalf of a company. This includes payment of supplier invoices and payments for other services rendered to the company.


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Frequently Asked Questions on Company Formation

Check some commonly asked questions about how to form a company and how Biz Latin Hub can help.

What are the benefits of Accounting & Tax Services?

Accounting and taxation services help you to manage your business more efficiently and provide a better experience for your clients, improving your financial performance and saving money on taxes. At Biz Latin Hub, our team offers a broad range of professional accounting and taxation services, including income tax returns, treasury services and payroll processing.

What are the financial reporting requirements in Latin America?

Most countries in Latin America require companies to prepare annual financial statements consisting of a balance sheet and statements regarding changes in equity, comprehensive income, retained earnings, shareholders’ equity, cash flows and cash position. They also require notes relating to the financial statements and a different schedule containing details of investments. Financial reporting can be complex and cause issues for your company if done incorrectly. Our experienced team of finance and tax professionals can provide financial reports for your business. 

What are the requirements for payroll processing?

Companies in Latin America have different requirements for processing employee payroll depending on their industry. Depending on the country of operation, there are also varying requirements for paying social security contributions, taxes, and other costs. Suppose you are looking for professional payroll services to better manage your employee’s payroll. In that case, our team at Biz Latin Hub can offer a range of services, from consultations to full payroll processing.

What are the requirements for electronic invoicing in Latin America?

Electronic invoicing has become common practice in many countries in Latin America. The main advantage is that it saves time and reduces errors compared to paper-based invoicing. In addition, electronic invoices are automatically reported to the tax authorities, with the recipient company receiving them electronically. Invoice management is integral to your finance, and business owners often hire professionals to oversee this operation. At Biz Latin Hub, we can provide experienced financial professionals to ensure your clients receive the correct invoices and that all payments are up to date, allowing your daily operations to continue running smoothly.

What are the advantages of outsourcing your accounting and taxation needs?

Outsourcing your accounting and taxation needs allows you to focus on running your business while we take care of the administrative tasks involved in managing your finances. Outsourcing enables you to reduce costs, increase efficiency and free up your resources to concentrate on growth. Our accounting and tax professionals at Biz Latin Hub will handle all the filing, tax returns, tax planning and accounting services that will allow you to focus on your daily operations. Outsourcing your accounting and taxation needs can help in expanding your company.

What our clients say

Biz Latin Hub has been fundamental in supporting our international business expansion through setting up our local entity and with on-going accounting and taxation support. We look forward to continuing this partnership as we assist students with processing their international payments in various jurisdictions in Latin America and worldwide.

 Paul Stokes, Managing Director of Nexpay


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