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Latest business and regulatory updates in Latin America and the South Pacific

The image shows the Palace of Fine Arts (Palacio de Bellas Artes) at sunset in Mexico City. The building has a prominent dome with an orange and yellow stained-glass roof. The surrounding area, bustling with people, contrasts the modernity of payroll outsourcing in Mexico illuminated by soft lighting.

UBO in Mexico: how to stay compliant

Mexico is an exciting and dynamic economy that has been attracting more and more Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in recent years. However, a few problems persist in the country, especially persistent corruption. To combat this, the government has brought in legislation to check the Ultimate Beneficiary Owner status, known as UBO in Mexico. As a […]
Business culture in Brazil

Business Culture in Brazil: get it right

If you are thinking about expansion to the ‘giant of South America’, you will need to understand the business culture in Brazil. It’s not hard to understand why: with a GDP of USD$4.72tn, the country has a vast internal market. The financial center of Sao Paolo alone is home to 20 million people in the […]
Business Culture in Peru

Peruvian business culture: What you need to know

Peruvian business culture is outwardly similar to that of its neighbors and elsewhere in the region. However, there are some local points that you will need to be aware of. If you are looking to incorporate a company in Peru, understanding local norms will make everything run more smoothly. Even if you’re just looking at […]
Nearshoring in El Salvador

Nearshoring in El Salvador: What are the benefits?

With a global shift towards considering the viability of trade routes and ensuring logistical supply lines, more countries are seeking friendly ports. Nearshoring in El Salvador offers just this for especially North American businesses. Nearshoring in El Salvador has many benefits for North-American based countries. It is on a similar time zone, is easily accessible […]
A small Nicaraguan flag is pinned on a map highlighting Nicaragua and its neighboring countries in Central America. The map displays roads and cities. The text overlay reads: "BIZLATIN HUB - Accounting, Taxation, and Corporate Legal Compliance Nicaragua.

Understanding Company Accounting and Taxation Requirements in Nicaragua

Before investing in and starting a business in Nicaragua, you must understand the local corporate business laws. Otherwise, you risk suffering severe legal penalties and reputational damage in the region. Learn more about Corporate Legal Compliance Nicaragua. When it comes to accounting and taxation in Nicaragua, many regulations must be followed. There must be strict compliance […]

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