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Legal Representation in Latin America

Did you know that all Latin American companies require a Company Legal Representative or a Local Director? This person must be a citizen or a foreigner with the legal right to work in the country.

Power of Attorney (POA) in Latin America

Did you know that a trusted local partner can complete the formation of a local company your behalf, without the need for you to be physically present in the country where the company formation will take place?

Interested in Mining?

One of the main pillars of growth in the Latin American economy is the mining sector. Our lawyers can help you develop your mining project in the region.

Latin American Mining Opportunities


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“Biz Latin Hub Mexico have been providing us with logistics support and accounting since the beginning of 2017. In order to run a successful import business you need to have a solid logistics team in support. Biz Latin Hub Mexico have been able to provide us with the knowledge and experience required in order for us to avoid delays and cut costs at port.”

– John Tominey, Managing Director, Brewperro S de RL de CV (BrewDog Mexico)

Your Local Partner

We are a market leader in helping both local and foreign companies to successfully do business globally, by providing a full suite of multi-lingual commercial representation and back-office services.

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