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Our Legal Services

Provision of corporate, mining, trade, cannabis and specialised legal services to enable your local business operations. Trust our team of local lawyers to guide you through the legal complexities of the local market, thereby ensuring legal compliance of your local entity, securing of permits, with registering trademarks, protection of your business Intellectual property and with navigating local employment laws and regulations.

Accounting and Taxation


Accounting and Taxation


Accounting and Taxation

& Negotiations

Accounting and Taxation


Accounting and Taxation


Accounting and Taxation


Learn more about our legal services and how our local legal experts can help you to navigate the legal complexities of local markets in Latin America.

Corporate Law

Did you know that all Latin American companies require a Company Legal Representative or a Local Director? This person must be a citizen or a foreigner with the legal right to work in the country

Power of Attorney (POA) in Latin America

Did you know that a trusted local partner can complete the formation of a local company on your behalf, without the need for you to be physically present in the country where the company incorporation will take place?

Interested in Mining Opportunities?

Mining remains fundamental to the growth of the Latin American region. Find our more about how our team of specialist mining lawyers can help you enter and operate within the Latin American mining sector.


Check the analysis done by our mining experts to learn more about the Latin American
mining opportunities available.


Corporate Law

Corporate law is the branch of the law that is related to the rights, relations, and conduct of persons, businesses, and organizations to ensure their legal compliance and good standing.


Labor Law

Labor law is the body of law that mediates the professional relationship between employees, employers, unions, and the government.


Litigations & Negotiations

Support with understanding, managing, and progressing legal proceedings and/or complex negotiations compliant with local laws and regulations.


Trade Law

Trade law is the body of law governing the rules and customs for handling trade between countries and is also known as International Trade Law.


Mining Law

Mining law is the body of law governing the legal requirements affecting minerals, mineral processing and mining. Mining law covers title ownership, permission to undertake operational activities and associated remediation actions and requirements.


Liquidation Services

Liquidation is the management of the legal process to stop operations and to close a legal entity. This includes settling mandated obligations with stakeholders and governmental authorities.

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Your Local Partner

We can provide you the complete, fully-integrated and tailored back office, PEO and entity incorporation solution

Your Need = Our Focus

We know one size doesn't fit all - we will work with you to understand your business needs and to provide a personalized market entry and back office solution

Globally Minded + Local Expertise

Trust our local team of lawyers and accountants to establish your business, form your legal entity, hiring employees and legal entity compliance

Communication at its Best

English, Spanish or Portuguese - Our local and expatriate team of accountants and lawyers can support you in multiple languages

Biz Latin Hub Mexico have been providing us with logistics support and accounting since the beginning of 2017. In order to run a successful import business you need to have a solid logistics team in support. Biz Latin Hub Mexico have been able to provide us with the knowledge and experience required in order for us to avoid delays and cut costs at port.

- John Tominey, Managing Director, Brewperro S de RL de CV (BrewDog Mexico)

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