How can our Hiring and International PEO Services help your Business?

Our Hiring and International PEO services.

We offer tailored recruitment and hiring solutions to support your global expansion. Trust our local team of experts to understand your business needs and to offer tailored PEO or entity setup solutions that meet your hiring needs.


Professional Employer
Organization (PEO)

Employer of
Record (EOR)


Watch this video to learn more about our Hiring and International PEO services and how we can help you to navigate the legal complexities of the local market.

How much does an employee cost in Latin America?

Use our Payroll Calculator to find out.

It’s not always easy for foreign executives to calculate the cost of hiring an employee when expanding into Latin America. As an employer in a new market, it’s challenging to know and comply with all employment law regulations, including paying employee benefits.

Use our Payroll Calculator – also known as an employee cost calculator – to find out the cost of hiring an employee in Latin America. This tool shows you how to calculate workers’ compensation cost per employee. Labor laws in Latin America can differ across countries; we make it easy to find out the cost of hiring an employee in your chosen market.

Once you know how much it costs to hire your employee, engage with a trusted Professional Employer Organization PEO in Latin America to support your hiring needs.

How to use the Payroll Calculator

Find out the employee cost for the salary you have set, including the cost of employee benefits relevant to your country.

  1. Enter the country you want to calculate employee cost for
  2. Enter the currency you’re using
  3. Enter the salary amount you plan to pay your employee
  4. Click on the “Calculate” button

What are your options when hiring new employees?

1. Through a local legal entity:

We offer a tailored solution for setting up your local legal entity. Once this legal entity is setup – you will have full power to hire, employ and manage local staff.

2. Through a PEO solution:

For those companies who do not wish to setup and maintain a local entity, we offer a PEO solution which allows you to hire local staff without the administrative and HR burden.

What is an International PEO?

International PEO (Professional Employer Organization) is a global employment solution that enables companies to hire employees fast, efficiently and without the requirement to establish a local legal entity.

Whereby, Biz Latin Hub will contract the employees on your behalf, and will become their legal Employer of Record, allowing you to focus on managing and growing your business.

What Makes Biz Latin Hub Different?

Your Local Partner

We can provide you the complete, fully-integrated and tailored back office, PEO and entity incorporation solution

Your Need = Our Focus

We know one size doesn't fit all – we will work with you to understand your business needs and to provide a personalized market entry and back office solution

Globally Minded + Local Expertise

Trust our local team of lawyers and accountants to establish your business, form your legal entity, hiring employees and legal entity compliance

Communication at its Best

English, Spanish or Portuguese – Our local and expatriate team of accountants and lawyers can support you in multiple languages

“As a foreigner in Colombia with a new startup business, local support regarding legal compliance, employee hiring and accounting/taxation requirements has been invaluable to our success in the region.”

– Dan Hill, Founder of Golden Lion Cider

We can support all your back-office needs Globally

Your Back Office, Accounting and
Legal Local Partner

We are market leaders in helping companies to successfully do business through the provision of commercial representation and back-office services. Through our integrated services approach we provide the complete back office solution, starting with entity formation services, International PEO, monthly taxation compliance and filing, legal services, legal entity compliance and corporate secretarial services. We are here to help you achieve your international business expansion goals.

Are you ready to expand globally? Let us support you

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