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What is the Process to Incorporate a Company in Belize?

The process to incorporate a company in Belize offers a variety of opportunities for entrepreneurs seeking to establish their businesses in a thriving and business-friendly environment. Situated strategically in Central America between Mexico and Guatemala, Belize serves as a gateway to both North and South America. This makes it a great place to base yourself in Latin America and the Caribbean.

With its favorable tax regime, including no capital gains tax, Belize is an attractive destination for businesses aiming to maximize profits and minimize tax liabilities. In addition, the ease with which you can incorporate a company in Belize, characterized by minimal bureaucratic hurdles, allows entrepreneurs to focus on their core business activities rather than administrative tasks.

The process of how to incorporate a company in Belize can be long and complex, but here we will break this process down into a step by step guide.

What are the Main Advantages of Belize for Offshore Company Incorporation?

An infographic titled "Belize: Market Snapshot" featuring data points: Population: 410,825, GDP: USD$3 Billion, GDP per Capita (PPP): USD$11,166, Capital City: Belmopan; Major Exports: Seafood, Sugar, Citrus Products, and Clothing. Perfect backdrop for those looking to incorporate a company in Belize. Based on 2022 World
The economy is why you may want to incorporate a company in Belize

There are many advantages for offshore company corporations in Belize. A legal entity can be established in Belize by either a resident or a non-resident, without any local ownership restrictions and/or requirements, with the primary difference being that a non-resident owning a company must be approved by the Central Bank. Other advantages of incorporation include:

  • Full incorporation completed within two weeks
  • Relatively inexpensive set-up and annual renewal fees
  • No minimum capital requirements
  • Only one shareholder or director is required
  • Your presence is not required in Belize for incorporation as a non-resident

7 Key Steps to Incorporate in Belize

These are the 7 key steps to incorporate an offshore company in Belize. 

  1. Step 1: Name Check
  2. Step 2: Complete a Memorandum and Articles of Association
  3. Step 3: Approval from Central Bank
  4. Step 4: Obtain a Certificate of Incorporation
  5. Step 5: Director Appointment
  6. Step 6: Officer Appointment
  7. Step 7: Issuance of Company Seal

Step 1: Name Check

Before diving into the incorporation process, the first crucial step is conducting a name check. This involves ensuring that the proposed name for your company is unique and compliant with Belizean regulations. Choosing an appropriate name sets the tone for your business identity and ensures that it aligns with your branding strategy.

A list titled "7 Key Steps to Incorporate a Company in Belize" with the following steps: 1. Name Check, 2. Complete a Memorandum and Articles of Association, 3. Approval from Central Bank, 4. Obtain a Certificate of Incorporation, 5. Director Appointment, 6. Officer Appointment, 7. Issuance of Company Seal. The Biz
The process to incorporate a company in Belize

Step 2: Complete a Memorandum and Articles of Association

Once you’ve secured a suitable name, the next step is to draft and complete the Memorandum and Articles of Association. These legal documents outline the company’s objectives, rules, and regulations governing its operations. They serve as the foundation upon which your company operates and provide clarity on the rights and responsibilities of shareholders and directors.

Step 3: Approval from Central Bank

Obtaining approval from the Central Bank of Belize is a pivotal step in the incorporation process. This step ensures compliance with foreign exchange regulations and demonstrates your company’s commitment to operating within legal frameworks. Approval from the Central Bank validates your company’s eligibility to conduct business activities within Belize.

Step 4: Obtain a Certificate of Incorporation

With the necessary documentation in place and approval from the Central Bank secured, the next milestone is obtaining a Certificate of Incorporation. This official document issued by the Belize Companies Registry confirms the legal existence of your company. It serves as proof of your company’s incorporation and is essential for conducting business transactions and opening bank accounts.

Step 5: Director Appointment

Appointing directors is a critical aspect of company incorporation in Belize. Directors play a key role in governing the affairs of the company and making strategic decisions. It’s essential to carefully select individuals who possess the skills, experience, and integrity to fulfill their duties effectively. Ensure compliance with Belizean laws regarding director eligibility and responsibilities.

Step 6: Officer Appointment

Alongside directors, appointing officers such as a company secretary or treasurer is vital for ensuring smooth operations. Officers are responsible for administrative tasks, regulatory compliance, and financial management. By appointing capable officers, you can enhance governance practices and maintain transparency within your organization.

Step 7: Issuance of Company Seal

The final step in the incorporation process is obtaining a company seal. The company seal is a stamp engraved with the company’s name and emblem, symbolizing its authority and authenticity. It is commonly used to execute official documents, contracts, and agreements. Securing a company seal adds a professional touch to your business dealings and reinforces credibility in the eyes of stakeholders.

If you are a client of the Biz Latin Hub, at this point all of the original documents and the company seal will be mailed to your residential or chosen address.

Note:  All local companies (NOT offshore) in Belize must be audited by an independent officer who has to check the books and certify the annual accounts. The Director and Secretary cannot act as the auditor.

FAQs When Incorporating a Company in Belize

According to our experience, these are the most common questions and doubts of our clients when incorporating a company in Belize

1. Can a foreigner have a business in Belize?

Yes, foreigners can own and operate businesses in Belize.

2. What is the Belize Company Tax ID (TIN)?

The Antigua Barbuda Company Tax ID is often referred to as the Tax Identification Number, which is obtained by registering with the Belize Tax Service Department.

3. How long does it take to register a company in Belize?

Registering a company in Belize typically takes around 8-10 weeks, depending on the type of business entity and the completeness of the application.

4. What is an IBC in Belize?

An IBC is an International Business Company which has certain tax advantages as an offshore operator.

5. What types of entities offer Limited Liability in Belize?

Belizean LLCs offers limited liability in Belize.

6. What are the main characteristics of an LLC in Belize?

The main characteristics of an LLC in Belize typically include:

  • Limited liability for its members.
  • Flexibility in management structure.
  • Pass-through taxation, where income is reported on the member’s individual tax returns.
  • Simplicity in formation and maintenance.
  • Ability to be used for various business purposes.

7. How many directors and shareholders are required to form an offshore company in Belize?

A single director and shareholder are sufficient to establish an offshore company in Belize.

Biz Latin Hub Can Assist You in Forming Your Company in Belize

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Our portfolio of services includes company formation, accounting & taxation, legal services, due diligence, and hiring & PEO, among others. So whatever your investment plans are, we can provide a package of services to suit your needs.

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