How to Apply for a Visa in Belize

Belize is one of the most attractive countries in Central America for multinational companies to expand their business. The small nation offers highly competitive conditions and incentives for investment and company formation. In particular, Belizean law is supportive towards those looking to incorporate an offshore company in Central America.

When investing or incorporating a company to do business in Belize, it’s important that entrepreneurs and investors know their options when it comes to applying for a visa, and later, permanent residency.

Travellers to Belize who want to stay for more than 30 days, or who are visiting for purposes other than tourism, will need to apply for a visa. One flexible option for traveling businesspeople is the country’s Multiple Entry Visa.

In this presentation, our Belizean legal experts explain what the Multiple Entry Visa is and how to apply for it as a businessperson. We explain the conditions of the visa, and the documents you’ll need to provide as part of the process.

At Biz Latin Hub, we offer visa processing and other legal services to get your business off the ground in Belize and the rest of Latin America. For more personalized information about how we can support you with your visa application, get in contact with our local team.

Learn more about our accounting and legal experts, and the visa support we can provide in Belize.

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