Peru Mining Competitive Advantages for Investment

Peru Still An Attractive Destination for Mining Investment

Peru Still An Attractive Destination for Mining Investment

This month (March 2016), a Peruvian delegation participated in the annual Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) convention held in Toronto-Canada, where it highlighted the qualities of Peru as an attractive destination for international mining investment. This is the most important mining event in the world in which business and investment opportunities in mining are identified, and where countries seeking to encourage this sector in their economies are promoted. This event involves more than 500 investment firms and receives approximately 25,000 visitors from 116 countries.

Peru – An Attractive Jurisdiction for Mining Investment

The participation of the Peruvian Government representatives (Deputy Minister of Mines; Mr. Guillermo Shinno) and the Private Sector representatives were considered the third largest mining delegation attending the convention. “This year, our motto was: ‘Peru, a mining country with competitive advantages’ because despite the difficult situation in which the global mining finds itself, Peru is highly competitive due to its abundance in geology, costs of production, economic stability in addition to the experience and ability of our local suppliers”, explained Mr. Jorge Leon Benavides, Director of the Chamber of Commerce Canada-Peru (CCCP).

Peru Day, as part of the program prepared for this event, addressed the following subject matters:

  • The competitive advantages offered by Peru in extracting metals, such as copper, silver, gold and other minerals, including phosphate.
  • The efforts to promote the mining sector by the Peruvian Government.
  • The amazing geology of Peru and the mechanisms that facilitate private investment.
  • Innovation and efficiency of local suppliers as another competitive advantage.
  • Civil society and its role in promoting coordination between the public and private sector.

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