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10 Helpful Tips for Doing Business in Mexico

Successfully doing business abroad comes with many challenges and complications. It’s important to learn about the new culture where you undertake business and to respect and adhere to local laws and customs. Read on to explore 10 cultural tips to use when you are doing business in Mexico!

1. Doing Business in Mexico – Develop Rapport

Developing personal relationships are very important in Mexico as locals prefer to do business with those they know and trust. Building relationships will play a key role in the formation of strategic partnerships in the region. Mexicans strongly value personal relations, and rightly or wrongly, they will often not do business without them.

2. Do Business with the Right People

Find out who are the key decision makers and be sure to connect with them. Knowing the right person will make things more simple when beginning business operations.

3. Send Experienced Team Members to Mexico when doing business

If you choose to send team members to Mexico, make sure that they are of the proper seniority and experience level. Do not send new employees to do this; this may insult your potential Mexican business partners.

Thinking about doing business in Mexico? Here are 5 tips that will contribute to your success.

4. Be Aware of Language Barriers in Mexico

Be aware that you may need to bring an interpreter or have contact with a bilingual business partner who can help you navigate the Spanish language.

5. Business Lunches in Mexico are common

Lunch in Mexico, called ‘la comida’, is the most leisurely and largest meal of the day. It consists of about four courses that include soup or salad, an entree, a main dish and a dessert. Due to its casual nature, ‘la comida is not the time or meal to discuss business over.

6. Breakfast Meetings is how to do business in Mexico

A normal Mexican breakfast is earlier in the morning and often more simple, such as a cup of coffee or eggs and tortillas. It is common to discuss business at breakfast meetings.

7. Dress for Success when doing business

Dress according to the weather, the Mexican culture, and the area of the country you are in. In Mexico City and other cities, individuals are expected to dress more formally than in the suburbs.

When doing business in Mexico, it is recommended to have a bilingual team to support you.

8. Be Punctual always when doing business

If doing business in Mexico City, make sure that you have enough time to travel to your destination. It is important to be punctual out of respect for your business partners’ time.

9. Learn the Rules and Regulations of Mexico

Knowing the rules and regulations of the Mexican business environment will prevent potential bumps in the road during business dealings. Legislation to be familiarized with includes employment law, import/export laws and customs requirements.

10. To do business you must communicate effectively

Communication is very important when doing business. In Mexico, it is custom to stand at a close physical distance when speaking to one another. Standing farther away, as is the custom in the U.S, can be construed as unfriendly.

Interested in Doing Business in Mexico?

Doing business in Mexico is a great opportunity to expand your business horizons. There is so much to learn about the culture and about how Mexicans do business.

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