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7 Essential Colombian Background Check Services

In order to make informed employment decisions, many companies perform background checks on potential employees in order to minimize risks and verify the candidate’s experience. There are several background checks in Colombia that companies can perform during their recruitment processes. Many foreign companies employee the services of a professional company to carry out these activities and other security-related services.

Colombia Background Checks
7 Essential Colombian Background Check Services

Background Checks in Colombia – Previous Employment Verification

The most commonly used method of employment verification is requesting work certificates for each work experience the candidate has listed on their CV. These certificates are issued by each company where the individual has previously worked. They usually include employment start and end dates and the person’s position. If requested, the certificates can also include the candidate’s salary during their period of employment. In Colombia, these certificates require the signature of the company’s human resources director.

Some companies also reach out to the professional and/or personal references the potential employee has listed on their curriculum vitae. This gives employers the chance to ask questions regarding a hire´s past work experience and personal and professional characteristics.

Professional Cards

Another way of making background checks in Colombia is asking workers to be duly accredited to perform their occupation, by requiring candidates to possess a professional card. Each profession, including Accounting, Law, Economics, Engineering etc. have their own entity responsible for issuing such cards. Before requesting this document, it is important to verify which professions issue the professional cards as not all of them do it.

Criminal Records

These records can be checked through the Colombian National Police. The outcome is a certification from the National Police stating whether the individual has any outstanding legal matters with competent judicial authorities.

Fiscal Records

This is one popular procedure for background checks in Colombia. The Office of the Comptroller General certifies whether a natural or legal person has any outstanding fiscal responsibilities. The certificate can be viewed in this entities’ website after inputting the individual’s national identification number or the company’s tax identification number. The results are available immediately after submitting the form.

Disciplinary Records

Through the website of the Office of the Inspector General of Colombia, companies can check disciplinary records of individuals and legal entities. With the individual’s or company´s identification number, a certificate is generated which indicates whether they have any past or outstanding disciplinary processes.

Disciplinary Records for Lawyers

Through the website of the Judicial Branch, companies or individuals can access the disciplinary history of any duly accredited lawyer by inputting the lawyer’s national identification number. The outcome is a certificate stating whether the lawyer in question has been penalized or not.

Disciplinary Records for Accountants

Through the webpage of the Special Administrative Unit Central Board of Accountants, companies can background-check in Colombia the disciplinary history for the last five years of duly accredited accountants, both natural and legal persons.

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It is important to mention that although background checks in Colombia seem simple when you have many potential candidates, the process can become time-consuming. The Biz Latin Hub Group can help you with background checks, labour law, financial reporting, international trade and visa processing.

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