Benefits of Hiring and Recruitment Outsourcing in Peru

It’s 2023 and you or your executive leadership have decided to enter the Peruvian market. Of all the jurisdictions in the region, Peru makes macroeconomic sense, as it is one of the few Latin American economies that’s expected to grow by around 3 per cent this year. If 3 per cent GDP sounds modest, consider that most other economies in the region are likely to see GDP growth below 1 per cent or even contract – and all this as the threat of a global recession looms. That said, in the task of hiring, be it in-house or through a recruitment outsourcing service in Peru, there are a specific set of steps you should follow.

Many companies large and small lack the time or resources to properly deploy a proper hiring strategy; they know that others can do it better than they can. That’s why many companies seek the services of a reputable recruiting firm to help them find the best IT/tech workers, HR professionals and managers they need to grow their business.

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Hiring and recruitment outsourcing in Peru should not be confused with PEO firms in Peru

Both recruiting agencies and PEOs are focused on workforce HR tasks, but with a recruiter, you’re outsourcing the hiring process to them. A PEO, on the other hand, is focused on handling all administrative, payroll, and compliance tasks on the client company’s behalf.

Benefits of recruitment outsourcing in Peru

  • Business is able to expand/scale rapidly
  • Greater chance at hiring the best available talent
  • Recruitment is one less thing to worry about 
  • Reduced employee training/onboarding time
  • Help with crafting the ideal job description 
infographic on the pacific alliance countries, important when considering outsourcing recruitment and hiring in peru
The pacific alliance is good to consider when it comes to outsourcing recruitment and hiring in Peru.

5 advantages of hiring and recruitment outsourcing in Peru 

1. Business is able to expand/scale rapidly

All companies want to be more productive and increase sales, but hiring the people needed in order to scale the business can be difficult – especially in a new and unfamiliar jurisdiction like Peru. By partnering with the right recruiting agency, companies large and small can find the best people for the roles that need to be filled, allowing the business to grow rapidly.

2. Greater chance at hiring the best available talent

In hiring and recruitment, it’s about quality, not quantity. Sending out too broad a job description will land you with a pile of resumes, but few, if any qualified candidates. Recruiters can use focused searches to increase the company’s chances of finding the highest quality candidates.

3. Recruitment is one less thing to worry about 

But finding qualified personnel is time-consuming and downright stressful. But hiring and recruitment outsourcing in Peru can be made less stressful with the right recruiter – it’s their job to find the best people fast – so that’s one less thing for you to worry about.

4. Reduced employee training/onboarding time

Outsourcing your recruitment process to a professional has the fringe benefit of finding someone who is experienced and well-acquainted with the position, so the time it takes to onboard is kept to a minimum.

5. Help with crafting the ideal job description

Some companies treat job descriptions more like a wish list, which can lead to a pile of CVs of underqualified candidates. When it comes to hiring and recruitment outsourcing in Peru, a recruiter can help businesses focus their job descriptions, so it’s clear to job seekers exactly what the parameters are.

Infographic about employment rate in Peru, which is important when talking about hiring and Recruitment outsourcing in Peru
The employment rate in Peru can have an influence on the hiring and Recruitment outsourcing in Peru

More tips for hiring and recruitment in Peru 

With all the above in mind, there are other things you can do and should consider, when it comes to hiring and recruitment outsourcing in Peru. What follows are a couple of things that make Peru a particularly attractive jurisdiction, as well as tips on how to attract the best talent there:

1. High level of English proficiency

English is the second-most spoken language in Peru, behind Spanish. While proficiency in English isn’t high for the country overall, it’s much higher among educated workers, especially those in the tech sector.

2. Growing pool of tech talent 

Peru’s tech talent pool is large and growing larger with each passing day. The country has roughly 30,000 qualified and experienced software engineers. So if your firm will be in the market for developers, Peru is the place to be.

3. Attract the best human talent with a competitive salary

It’s a must, especially for tech talent. The cost-cutting measures upon which offshoring and “nearshoring” are based will be less pronounced in 2023. Companies must do their homework and research the benchmark salary data to know how much the best workers expect to receive.

4. Give workers the freedom to work from anywhere 

For companies that have offices in Lima or in other Peruvian cities, don’t force the best workers to commute to the office each day if they don’t want to. One study from 2021 found that 87 per cent of IT professionals want flexibility in where they work.

5. Offer workers a chance to grow and advance 

The best workers, in the tech sector and elsewhere, tend to be more enthusiastic about joining an organization that offers the chance of upward mobility. Analysis revealed that many tech workers have taken jobs at companies that pay a little less than others, principally because the company gave them more opportunities for learning and professional development.

Biz Latin Hub can help you with hiring and recruitment outsourcing in Peru

At Biz Latin Hub, we provide integrated market entry and back-office services throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, with offices in Lima, Peru, as well as over a dozen other major cities in the region. We also have trusted partners in many other markets.

Our unrivaled reach means we are ideally placed to support multi-jurisdiction market entries and cross border operations.

As well as knowledge about hiring and recruitment outsourcing in Peru, our portfolio of services includes hiring & PEO, accounting & taxation, company formation, bank account opening, and corporate legal services.

Contact us today to find out more about how we can assist you in finding top talent, or otherwise do business in Latin America and the Caribbean.
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Key services by Biz Latin Hub

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