Biz Latin Hub Peru Joins Recycling Campaign with Aldeas Infantiles SOS

This week, Biz Latin Hub Peru has joined the campaign ‘Recíclame – ‘cumple TU papel’, initiated by the organization Kimberly-Clark Perú that supports the children’s village Aldeas Infantiles SOS Perú. The campaign is aimed at reducing environmental contamination through converting recycled paper into aid for socially disadvantaged children and families in Peru. 

Biz Latin Hub Peru Joins Recycling Campaign with Aldeas Infantiles SOS
Joscy Mendoza, the representative of Kimberly-Clark Perú, visited the Biz Latin Hub team in Lima, Peru, to promote and commence the project.

Joscy Mendoza, the representative of Kimberly-Clark Perú, visited Biz Latin Hub ‘Team Peru’ to promote and commence the project. She stated: “We are very happy that Biz Latin Hub has decided to join our campaign to support disadvantaged children and fight against the environmental problems in Peru. It is a small step taken by a socially responsible company to achieve something greater in the future, socially, ecologically and economically.”

The campaign was established in 2009 through a cooperation between the company Kimberly-Clark and the children’s village Aldeas Infantiles SOS Perú and has since received support from some of the biggest companies in Peru, including Cencosud, Telefonica and DHL. The concept works as follows; socially responsible companies collect all the non-reusable paper in bins, which is then picked-up and recycled in a sustainable and ecologically-friendly way. The recycled paper is then processed into usable toilet paper. The money obtained by the sale of the paper allows for food to be purchased for children and adults in the village. Thanks to this great project, almost 13,000 trees have been saved and almost 3,000 children receive daily support in the Aldeas Infantiles SOS.

Aldeas Infantiles is an organization helping with social development and searching for solutions to the risky situations that thousands of children have to confront in the world. One of those situations is malnutrition, and with this campaign, we have succeeded to provide 5 children of the Aldeas Infantiles SOS with complete alimentation during one month for every 2 tons of recycled paper.” – Marina Riera, Project Manager at Kimberly-Clark Perú.

Craig Dempsey, CEO, and Co-Founder of Biz Latin Hub is delighted to be supporting such a great cause: “Our Group is proud to announce the participation in a great social initiative for neglected children and environmental engagement in Peru”.

Biz Latin Hub Aldeas infantiles SOS
The aim of the campaign is to ‘convert’ recyclable paper into food for children and families in need.

Kimberly-Clark and Aldeas Infantiles SOS

The company Kimberly-Clark is a market leader in consumer products for personal and familiar care and hygiene in Peru. In 2009, the collaboration between Kimberly-Clark and the children’s village Aldeas Infantiles SOS Perú began. This private, non-profit organization supports children and families that find themselves in situations of vulnerability and aids them in their personal development by providing a secure place to live. 

The Biz Latin Hub Group

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