How to Form a Company in the Dominican Republic

This presentation outlines the key steps to form a company in the Dominican Republic. The Caribbean countries, like their Latin American neighbours, are attracting increasing attention for the market opportunities they present. 

Though somewhat overshadowed by top performers in Central America, countries like to Dominican Republic nevertheless show great potential for foreign companies expanding into the region. 

This Caribbean country’s GDP has shown a consistently positive growth rate since 2004. Strong services industries, stable economic principles and ongoing development in areas such as infrastructure provide a welcoming environment to do business in the Dominican Republic. 

First, foreign companies will want to form a company in the Dominican Republic. Our legal and accounting professionals present an overview of company formation in the country. This resource serves as an overview for what your best path to market entry in the Dominican Republic could be. 

Through engaging with our clients, our experts consider that one of the most preferred avenues for company formation in the Dominican Republic is through establishing a Limited Liability Company (LLC). This entity type limits the personal liability the business owners are accountable for to the company’s capital only.

For more information about how to enter the Dominican market and develop your business, reach out to our team. At Biz Latin Hub, we offer a full suite of market entry and back-office services, specializing in company formation and other key development steps for foreign companies.

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