How to Form a Company in Peru?

Need to form a company or legal entity in Peru? Learn here about the process to incorporate your company and expanding your business to Peru.

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Peru is without a doubt one of the fastest growing economies in Latin America. Its growing international attraction, lucrative mining industry, and business-friendly incentives are some of the reasons for the success the Peruvian market is experiencing. The country also displays a highly competitive propensity for agricultural outputs, and most recently, technological advances and innovation. With so many clear economic strengths, Peru is one country that international commercial actors are exploring for new opportunities.

To make the most of Peru's enticing commercial potential, it's essential to have a good grasp on the specific company formation requirements.

There are different types of company structures you can choose from to start your business in Peru. The right one depends on your business needs and goals. However, which type of company do most people form in Peru and what are its requirements? One great option for many market entrants is to form a Sociedad Anonima Cerrada (SAC) when starting a business in Peru, due to its limited liability and flexible nature. An SAC is similar to a Private Limited Company. For your company registration process to run as smoothly as possible with local institutions, take the time to make sure you meet specific requirements and characteristics.

Understanding and adhering to the company incorporation process in another country can be a hurdle for many, especially with added cultural and linguistic differences at play. So, to help you understand the steps for company formation in Peru, our Peruvian business experts have created the company formation presentation above.

For more information about our company formation services in Peru, please get in contact with our local team.

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