Why Choose to do Business in Chile?

Business in Chile: Chile is a steady and thriving country that has consistently ranked high in political and economic international indices relevant to international business, including an A+ rating from risk agency Fitch.

Doing Business – International Trade and Foreign Investment in Chile

The country continues to employ policies that promote international trade and is a member of the Pacific Alliance, the Rio Group, Mercosur, APEC, and UNASUR. With a business environment that promotes foreign investment in practically every sector and a growing start up ecosystem, it is no wonder that Chile is a favourite destination for entrepreneurs.

Market snapshot of Chile, an infographic by Biz latin hub
Doing business in Chile a market snapshot

According to the Doing Business study published by the World Bank, Chile is the 57th easiest country to do business in. Opening a company in Chile takes 7 procedures, roughly 5.5 days, costs approximately 0.70% of income per capita, and requires zero paid-in minimum capital even though a small one is recommended to avoid future problems with banks. The study also shows that Chile has the highest possible score on the shareholder rights index, it only takes 43 days to get connected to the electric grid in Santiago, and the cost to register a transfer property is only 1% of the property’s value.

Foreign investors in Chile may access all productive activities freely, especially in the food, infrastructure, tourism, energy, and mining industries; there are some restrictions in certain sectors such as in the maritime, media, and air transportation sectors. The mining sector in Chile for instance, is full of opportunities for foreign investment. According to the Invest Chile website, these are the best areas within the mining industry for international investment:

  • Scale-up of technology in continuous-operation consumables.
  • Transition from open-pit to underground operation.
  • Integrated autonomous operations.
  • Solutions to minimize energy consumption in milling and hydrometallurgical processes.
  • Technologies to control impurities in concentrate.
  • Technologies for efficient treatment of tailings.
  • Modernization of smelters and refineries.
  • Exploitation of rare earth elements.
  • Exploration projects.

However, someone investing in the mining sector in Chile will need to secure a diversity of permits and official authorizations. Therefore, it is always better to consult with a lawyer familiarized with the mining sector in Chile before deciding to invest.

Business in Chile: Incentives for Foreign Investors in Chile

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Another reason to do business in Chile is the incentives offered for both local and foreign investors.

 Another reason to do business in Chile is the incentives offered for both local and foreign investors. The government does not subsidize foreign investment, but it does offer incentives when businesses help remote regions such as Tarapacá, Aysen, Arica and Pariancota, Magallanes, Palena and Chiloé. They also offer incentives for micro or small and medium sized enterprises involved in technology. For instance, Chile conceived StartUp Chile, a 40 million USD program in which entrepreneurs receive grants of $14,000 USD, $30,000 USD or $80,000 USD depending on the size of their business – and a work visa to accelerate or develop their start-ups in Chile.

Need Local Support in Doing Business in Chile?

With these and many other reasons, Chile is a great place to start a business. Despite that the local authorities target to make doing business in the region easier, it is advisable to cooperate with a local partner to identify the best market entry path, in addition to the required steps of the Chile company incorporation process should you wish to start a local company.

Biz Latin Hub, a local law firm with a global perspective is the perfect partner to help you undertake your business in Chile. We offer a great variety of back-office services in most Latin American countries. If you have any queries, do not hesitate and contact Allan, our Country Manager here at Biz Latin Hub.

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