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We’re Expanding: Market Entry and Back-Office Services in Bolivia

Biz Latin Hub is expanding its reach in the region; we’re now providing our suite of market entry and back-office services in Bolivia.

As a regional legal and accounting services provider in Latin America, we’re already operating in the five other countries surrounding Bolivia: Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Chile, and Peru.

Bolivia will be the sixteenth country where Biz Latin Hub has expanded its operations. As neighbouring economies are gaining traction from foreign business-owners, Bolivia’s largely unsaturated sectors offer viable opportunities for multinational companies.

Back-Office Services in Bolivia
“2019 was a big year for Biz Latin Hub in Latin America,” says Craig Dempsey

“2019 was a big year for Biz Latin Hub in Latin America,” says Craig Dempsey, Managing Director of Biz Latin Hub. “The consistent growth demonstrated by many Latin American economies has drawn a lot of international attention. The reputations of countries like Brazil, Chile and Peru have attracted unprecedented numbers of foreign commercial actors.

“Many are now beginning to explore their options in some of the smaller, more frequently overlooked countries. Bolivia is one of these countries.”

Notably, Bolivia has demonstrated positive consecutive GDP growth since 1999, reaching highs of 6.148% growth in 2008, and 6.796% in 2013. It’s set to continue this growth streak in the coming years, and like many others in the region, is experiencing significant technological development that is catching the attention of innovators worldwide. Its involvement in key regional trade blocs such as Mercosur and the Andean Community also grants the country preferential access to major regional traders and consumer markets. 

Engage with trusted market entry and back-office services specialists in Bolivia

We’re dedicated to ensuring that multinational companies can break into new markets.

Our expert legal, accounting, payroll and trade specialists have been operating across Latin America for 5 years. We’re dedicated to ensuring that multinational companies can break into new markets with the right support to begin operations quickly, and have access to professional advice and guidance throughout their commercial life in Latin America.

We offer a full suite of business solutions, customized to each client’s needs:

  • Payroll and other employment services
  • Company formation
  • Ongoing legal services
  • Trademark services
  • Accounting and taxation
  • Due diligence
  • Entity or corporate health checks
  • Visa processing
  • Market entry and exit strategy
  • Commercial representation.

Biz Latin Hub makes it easy for multinationals to fulfil all their legislative compliance needs with one sole provider. “For non-Spanish speaking executives, we’re a necessary point of contact to address all corporate regulation requirements for companies entering a new market,” says Dempsey.

“Our momentum and reputation has also enabled our expansion into Australia and New Zealand, bridging that ‘tyranny of distance’ many business owners feel when looking for new opportunities in these regions.”

Get support from our experts to expand into Bolivia

We’re committed to supporting foreign executives do business in Bolivia and the wider Latin American region. Our back-office services offer the ideal platform for companies to expand into Bolivia, and bridge language and cultural gaps for full commercial integration and compliance.

Contact us now for further advice and guidance on how to get started and how to comply with local legislative requirements.

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Legal Team Bolivia

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