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How EdTech investment is Impacting the New Zealand Education Sector

Education is a sector ever in need of change. As civilizations become more globalized and technology takes over more everyday practices, generations to come must be able to adapt. Building this adaptability is where EdTech developments step in.

EdTech is an exciting and growing sector, and New Zealand has a number of growing companies who are developing a diverse range of learning-focused products. This includes games, apps, educational software and courseware to make the most of the export opportunities that the EdTech industry offers.

In this article, we take a look at the EdTech sector in New Zealand and how investments are shaping the education sector.

New Zealand Education Sector – Governmental incentives

As an incentive, New Zealand’s Ministry of Education funds a 3P learning initiative called the Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES). This allows schools to provide licensed programs for software. The Ministry also runs a dedicated video conferencing bridge and other e-learning services for schools.

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Four Lord of the Rings locations in New Zealand. If you want to do business in the country, you’ll find it’s also a great place for leisure.

According to NZTech, there are more than 124,000 people employed across the technology sector. “In the past, New Zealand has received global recognition for its world-class education system, for example, our progressive curriculum, pedagogy, and our approach to literacy,” says Education New Zealand’s General Manager Education Development, Clive Jones.

This global status as a world-class educational system motivates New Zealand to further enhance their position. As they roll out new funds and keep looking to develop and renew their system, New Zealand’s educational sector is very sensitive to technological advances. This breeds the growth of EdTech companies, which could be a very good reason for you to expand.

Who’s currently operating in this sector?

As EdTech is still a new and developing sector, most companies are at the start of their journey. However, there are companies already making an impact on New Zealand’s education. This is quite remarkable since startups usually need quite some time to build influence in their respective field. This result can be indicative of a high demand for EdTech startups that are not fully satisfied with current supply levels.

Parent Interview

Parent Interview is an online scheduling platform for parent-teacher interviews. This online management platform saves time for teachers, as it handles the aspects of scheduling appointments. After meetings, teachers can consult the platform to review whom they met, which includes the contact information of meeting attendees.   

Go Vocab

Go Vocab is a new way to teach, learn and revise vocabulary. For students, it’s fun, competitive and effective. For teachers, Go Vocab frees up teachers’ time in class by offering quality interactive online activities. Teachers can choose content for their students, set homework and get feedback and results. It comes with quality vocabulary lists organized to match the curriculum as well as official language lists. Go Vocab users can also upload their own vocabulary lists. Go vocab tracks students who are struggling with their vocabulary, and provides teachers with a list of ‘difficult words’ they can explore or explain further in class.

Ocean Browser

Ocean Browswer provides software and services for online medical executive education. Its services are focused on gauging the needs of and offering solutions for the high-end education market. It aims to change the way online content for post-graduation education is delivered. It offers new ways to create, manage and interact with online facilities. Ocean Browser has been awarded the Otago Business Excellence Award (Research and Innovation Prize) for its  in 2010.


EdTech is looking to improve every cornerstone of education and find new angles for technological development.

Hapara is another innovation in education technology. Hapara helps teachers and other educators use cloud-based tools to coordinate and positively impact student learning. With customers in over 30 countries, Hapara is a popular management platform of choice for Google education apps. Hapara provides tools to make Google apps easier to use and more effective for education purposes. Teachers get the visibility they need to improve student outcomes in real-time, and schools save money. Students can access a safe, collaborative, digital learning environment.   

Learning Seat

Learning Seat is the largest provider of online compliance training for organizations. The company has course libraries and over 700,000 active users. Learning seat is committed to shaping the future of workplaces through digital education, and is a trusted advisor in doing so.

Teach VR

Teach VR provides a new way to learn and discover information. The company offers a shared virtual reality space for 10-15 people to access at the same time. With Teach VR, users can create new learning experiences without typical constraints of location, cost, and safety.

Top hat

 It is a web-based clicker tool that makes large lecture-based classes more engaging. Top Hat Monocle is compatible with all mobile and Web-enabled devices. Instructors can set online homework for their classes via Top hat. Students can ask and respond to questions, run interactive demonstrations, access and download course information, and submit homework.

3P learning

3P Learning is a global leader in online education. The company offers programs that cover mathematics, science, spelling, literacy, and reading. They are a global organization operating in New Zealand, setting the tone for local online education innovation.

Consider your options for EdTech expansion in New Zealand

The difference between these companies shows a variety of possibilities within the educational sector. EdTech is looking to improve every cornerstone of education and with that keeps finding new angles for their technology. These angles are exploited by introducing new technologies that are shaping the future for New Zealand’s education.

As an early mover, businesses have the opportunity to create a sweeping impact in New Zealand’s EdTech landscape, as the education sector scrambles to make use of today’s technology.

Work with the experts to get started

With the recent developments within the EdTech world, New Zealand is set to profit. Its economy will see a boost in advanced technology learning startups. Profits will cascade down to a range of sectors that your company could thrive in.

If you’re looking to enter the New Zealand market, reach out to the local experts at Biz Latin Hub. Our team expects a bright future ahead for the country’s EdTech sector and offers a range of market entry and back-office services to support your commercial endeavours. The country is open for those international investors on the lookout for new opportunities, and now is the right time to get started.

Reach our team of experts today via email here for personalized support on your journey.

Key services offered by Biz Latin Hub
Key services offered by Biz Latin Hub

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