How to Register Your Trademark in Mexico

Find out how to register a trademark in Mexico and protect your brand and unique designs for the benefit of your company. The trademark registration process includes carrying out a thorough trademark search in Mexico to ensure your distinctive signs are unique and eligible for exclusive use.

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Mexico is a strong, global economy, with a population of 131 million people and a growth rate of 0.9 percent. It is the second largest economy in Latin America after Brazil. In 2022, Mexico’s GDP was ranked 14th in the world and its gross national income per capita exceeded 10,000 dollars. In terms of foreign direct investment, Mexico was ranked the 11th largest global recipient, with inflows of over 35 billion USD.

Over recent decades, Mexico has become a high-growth economy with an attractive environment for business. Entrepreneurs in Mexico create an average of 35,000 businesses monthly, in key sectors such as financial services, health, information and communication technologies, and education. With the speed that new companies are being created, there is a considerable risk that a third party may try to target your brand or IP. For this reason, it is important to protect your company assets by registering a trademark in Mexico.

Definition of a Trademark in Mexico

According to Mexico’s Industrial Property Law, a trademark is any graphic sign that is perceptible by our senses and capable of being protected for exclusive use. A trademark distinguishes products or services from others of a similar type or class in the market. You have 10 years to use a trademark before you need to ratify your registration.

Acceptable Elements for a Trademark

In order to create the design of your Mexican trademark, Mexico’s Industrial Property Law lays out the following elements that a trademark can include:

  • Combination of colors, letters or numbers
  • Three-dimensional shapes
  • Company name
  • Personal name
  • Sounds
  • Aromas
  • Product decoration, packaging, shape or size

Check the Nice Classification and choose the most suitable classes for your product or service.

Steps to Register Your Trademark in Mexico

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There are 6 key steps to follow when registering your trademark in Mexico. The process can take between 6-8 months.

Foreign companies must seek the support of a local agent to submit their application.

1. Carry Out a Trademark Search in Mexico

Perform a trademark search on Mexico’s IMPI website MARCIA. This search will help you rule out the possibility that your trademark bears any similarity with other trademarks previously registered in Mexico.

Performing a trademark search is a crucial step for all companies seeking to register a trademark in Mexico. Ensuring your distinctive sign(s) are unique and available ensures a smooth application process with minimal delay. 

We recommend that you seek experienced legal support who can conduct a thorough trademark search in Mexico to ensure that you can present a well-researched application.

2. Apply to Register Your Trademark in Mexico

Once you perform your trademark search and find no distinctive signs that are similar to yours, you can apply for the registration of your trademark in Mexico. To complete this process, you need to create an account in the IMPI electronic platform (PASE), and have an electronic signature and Unique Population Registry Code (CURP).

Once logged in to this platform, you can select the trademark registration menu and fill in all the required information about your trademark. Note that you must file an individual application per Nice class.

The payment of registration fees is required upon submission of the application. The fees to register a trademark in Mexico are around $200.00 USD per Nice class.

How to register a trademark in Mexico, a 6 steps guide.

3. Evaluation of your Trademark Application

The Mexican Institute of Industrial Property will study your application and respond within a period of approximately 8-10 months. During this time, the IMPI may contact the applicant to ask for more information about their trademark.

4. Publication in the Gazette

The IMPI must publish your application in the Information System of the Industrial Property Gazette (SIGA) within 10 days of receiving it. This gives third parties the opportunity to comment on your application. They have one month after publication to do so.

5. Receiving Comments From Third Parties

If there are similarities between the pending application and another registered trademark, or if a third party comments on your application after its publication in the SIGA, the IMPI may ask you to modify your application. It is therefore crucial that you conduct careful research before submitting your application.

6. Application Approval

Once they have confirmed that your application is unique, the IMPI will approve your trademark.

Your trademark remains valid for 10 years from the date the application is submitted and can be renewed for periods of the same duration after the initial registration.

7. Renewal Process

To renew a trademark registration, the owner should submit a request within six months before the term expires. However, the Institute will also process applications filed within six months after the expiration. In the renewal application, the holder must declare the genuine and effective use of the trademark, specify the products or services it covers, and pay the relevant fee. The registration’s protection will extend only to the declared goods or services.

Commonly Asked Questions on Trademark Registration in Mexico

Based on our extensive experience these are some common questions from clients registering a trademark in Mexico:

1. What are the requirements to register a trademark in Mexico?

– The Applicant`s Contact Information (Business name, business ID number, country of incorporation, phone number, office address, email address, etc.).
– Determine the class of your products/services to be registered in the International (Nice) Classification of Goods and Services.
– A detailed description of the brand, its origin, design, general description, and business activity.
– The date at which you commenced using your brand commercially.
– If you wish to register your logo along with your brand, we request that you provide the logo in JPG format.

2. How long does it take to register a trademark in Mexico?

The timeframe to register a trademark is 6 – 8 months, provided there is no opposition from third parties.

Seek Local Support to Register Your Trademark in Mexico

If you want to register a trademark in Mexico, it is best to work with an experienced team to help you in the process. Legal processes can be complex, and regulatory compliance is an obstacle if you are growing your company and aren’t sure about local laws.

The highly experienced Biz Latin Hub team can assist you and your business in navigating the legal, financial and commercial representation needs and laws governing Mexico’s commercial environment, and other economic powerhouses in Latin America. 

Contact us today to get personalized support for your business’ unique designs and market entry needs today.

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