Obelisk of Buenos Aires, where your legal firm in Argentina will likely be located and be able to assist you with navigating corporate law

Legal firm in Argentina: get support with corporate law 

Finding a good legal firm in Argentina is crucial to anyone doing business there or planning on entering the market. Corporate law in Argentina has some notable particularities that you will need to comply with, and it pays to secure the services of a provider able to help you navigate them in the most efficient way possible.

Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, where many legal firms are based and will be able to assist you navigating corporate law
Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina

Your legal firm in Argentina will not only provide advice that could be influential in some key decisions, but will also likely represent you before local authorities, meaning it pays to choose them carefully.

Should you be in search of a broader range of professional support, such as accounting and taxation, or recruitment and hiring, you may find that a dedicated provider of back office services in Argentina is your best option. Because such a firm will be able to cover all of your needs under one services agreement.

A back office provider that offers recruitment support will generally offer professional employer organization (PEO) services – meaning that they can also hire staff on a client’s behalf. 

That can be a good alternative to company incorporation in Argentina, in the event you are only planning a short-term or limited-scale operation in the country, or simply need a small number of local executives to represent you. It can serve as an initial step while familiarizing yourself with the market, before making a deeper investment.

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Argentina is the third-largest economy in Latin America by gross domestic product (GDP), as well as being one of the most highly-developed societies in the region, and while it has faced some economic challenges in recent years, it continues to be one of the most popular destinations for foreign direct investment (FDI) in the region.

Argentina is known for its well-established middle class and highly-educated workforce, including the highest level of English proficiency in the region. The country has a sizable professional sector, and services contribute almost 55% of GDP.

Argentina also has a well-developed industrial base, being a major manufacturer of cars, among other things, and industry generates almost 23% of GDP. Despite only contributing 7% of GDP, the agricultural sector is also notable, with Argentina being a major producer of meat, as well as of cereals, fats, and oils.

The country’s status as a founding member of the Southern Common Market (Mercosur), a 30-year-old Latin American economic integration initiative, also provides resident businesses with preferential access to the other members’ economies – Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay – as well as to a range of key global markets that have struck trade agreements with the bloc.

For anyone seeking to take advantage of the business opportunities on offer in the country, finding a reliable legal firm in Argentina that will guarantee compliance with all aspects of local corporate law is important. 

Beyond helping you navigate corporate law in Argentina during official processes related to setting up and doing business, your legal firm will be able to assist you in the following ways:

Stock image of a lawyer representing a legal firm in Argentina assisting with corporate law
A legal firm in Argentina will assist in a number of ways

Key decisions: Your legal firm in Argentina will be able to provide insight for key decisions related to your market entry and operations, including the type of legal structure that best suits your needs, as well as the best local providers to seek assistance from.

Local network: A well-established legal firm in Argentina will have built up a local network that you could benefit from greatly. That will include contacts at the likes of banks, real estate companies, and other such providers.

Immigration support: For anyone from outside Argentina that will be relocating to the country, your legal firm will be able to manage the process of securing visas, accompanying them though the application process and helping deal with paperwork should they not be proficient in Spanish, the official language of the country.

IP protection: A specialist area of corporate law in Argentina that is key to many businesses maintaining their competitive edge and good standing with authorities is proper protection of intellectual property (IP). If you have a brand or will be launching a product that needs protecting, you will need to find a legal firm with expertise in this area.

When it comes to choosing a legal firm in Argentina to help you with local corporate law, the following should be considered:

Experience: If you are entering the market for the first time, you will likely benefit from seeking out a provider with a track record of working with foreign investors, and ideally one that has worked with the type of business you will be running.

Communication: Given that all processes and documentation will be in Spanish, in the event you have limited understanding of the local language, it is important to make sure that your provider has a strong enough grasp of a language you are comfortable communicating in, whether that is English or any other.

Management: If you are going to be managing affairs in Argentina from elsewhere, on a permanent or regular basis, you will likely be relying to some degree on online management platforms, which your provider will need to be comfortable with.

Reputation: Beyond the necessary skills and knowledge related to corporate law in Argentina, you will need to make sure that the legal firm you choose has a good reputation, because this will be a strong indication of the level of service you will receive. You can get a good idea of this by checking comments and feedback posted online.

Biz Latin Hub can help you navigate corporate law in Argentina

At Biz Latin Hub, we provide integrated market entry and back office services throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, with offices in 17 key cities around the region, including Argentina’s capital city Buenos Aires.

Our unrivaled presence around the region means we are ideal partners to support multi-jurisdiction market entries and cross-border operations.

Our comprehensive portfolio includes accounting & taxation, corporate legal services, due diligence, hiring & PEO, and company formation, among others.

Contact us today to find out more about how we can assist you.

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Key services offered by Biz Latin Hub
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