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If you are doing business in Bolivia, or interested in entering this South American market, getting reliable corporate legal counsel is essential. A good corporate legal firm in Bolivia will provide expert advice and guide you through every legal services-related aspect of your commercial involvement in the country, guaranteeing your compliance with local regulations and avoiding administrative pitfalls.

A photo of La Paz, the capital city of Bolivia, where many corporate legal firms in Bolivia are based
La Paz, Bolivia’s capital city

With a population of 11.5 million, Bolivia is one of the least-populated countries in South America, while being the fifth-largest by area.

That sparseness is in part due to the mountainous terrain that characterises much of this landlocked nation, which shares borders with Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, and Peru. It is also partly due to the fact that 30 percent of the population remain rural — one of the highest rates in the region.

While Bolivia has historically been one of the most underderveloped nations in the region, it has has been one of the fastest growing in Latin America in the second decade of the 21st Century.

The country has maintained consistent gross domestic product (GDP) growth throughout that period, rising as high as 6.8 percent per year and never dropping below 3.4 percent between 2008 and 2018, according to the World Bank.

Bolivia’s top exports include oil and gas, zinc, ore, gold and other precious metals, and soybean meal, and the country is a full member of the Southern Common Market (Mercosur), along with Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay.

If you are interested in doing business in Bolivia and in need of legal representation, or if you are already operating in the market and could use a good lawyer, read on to learn about finding a corporate legal firm in Bolivia able to guarantee the success of your commercial operations.

Two business people signing contracts, representing a corporate legal firm in Bolivia
A legal firm in Bolivia will draft contracts

A corporate legal firm in Bolivia will take care of all legal affairs related to your organization and operations to ensure full compliance with local corporate regulations and guarantee the good health and longevity of your company.

Such a firm will also be able to inform you about possible business risks and provide guidance based on your commercial needs. Some aspects of your business that a corporate legal firm in Bolivia will assist you with include:

Company incorporation support: With extensive knowledge of the local market, a corporate legal firm will take into account your commercial operations and business expectations to help you decide which is the best type of legal entity to establish when incorporating a company in the country. The most common types of companies in Bolivia are:

• Limited Liability Company (LLC)
• Corporation
• Branch of foreign company

Once this step is completed, the corporate legal firm in Bolivia will prepare all documentation to register the new legal entity before Bolivian authorities.

Preparation of contracts and legal paperwork: To successfully do business in Bolivia or any other country in Latin America and the Caribbean, it is essential to avoid misunderstandings and legal inconveniences. Thus, finding a legal firm able to draft all types of legal documents in English and Spanish or Portuguese is recommended.

Legal advice on labor legislation: Labor laws in Bolivia may be difficult to grasp for anyone without experience in the market. Engaging with a corporate legal firm in Bolivia will allow you to remain up to date on labor regulations and avoid potential penalties that would be detrimental to your commercial operations. In some cases, a legal firm can also serve as a professional employer organization (PEO), employing workers on your behalf and administering all aspects of recruitment and payroll.

Taxes and licenses to operate: The declaration and payment of taxes are usually managed by a public accountant. However, working with a firm that can provide both legal and accounting suport will guarantee that all tax obligations are duly met and registered. In case of a legal issue with the Bolivian Tax Agency, a legal firm is able to represent you or your company and protect your interests. A corporate legal firm will also help you navigate the requirements and necessary documents to obtain licenses to operate in the country.

A man staring at a wall full of documents, representing the intellectual property that is protected by a corporate legal firm in Bolivia
Protect your intellectual property

Leasing and buying property: When doing business in Bolivia that will involve leasing or buying property, corporate lawyer will provide you with the necessary support and oversights to avoid irregularities or abusive clauses that may affect the interests of your investment.

A legal firm can protect your intellectual property: For foreign investors seeking to launch a product or new service on the Bolivian market, it is generally necessary to undertake trademark registration to avoid conflict with other companies that offer the similar goods or services. All products sold in the country must be legally protected and their registration must be submitted to the Intellectual Property Office through a local corporate law firm in Bolivia.

A reliable corporate legal firm will be able to offer you invaluable advice and support in all legal aspects of your business.  At Biz Latin Hub, our experienced team of multilingual attorneys is equipped to provide you with high-quality corporate legal services to help you take advantage of business opportunities in Bolivia. 

Contact us now to find out how we can be your single point of contact to incorporate a company in Bolivia, or elsewhere in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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