Craig, CEO and founder of Biz Latin Hub

Meet the team: the battlefield to entrepreneurship in Colombia – Craig Dempsey

“Being entrepreneurial in Latin America is like dancing, two steps forward and one step backwards; but always advancing”, Craig Dempsey, CEO and Founder of the Biz Latin Hub

Craig Dempsey – Australian Entrepreneur in Colombia

Craig Dempsey
Craig Dempsey is a successful Australian Entrepreneur in Latin America and founder of the Biz Latin Hub and The StartupVC

As the Group CEO and Co-Founder, Craig possesses a first hand understanding of the challenges and rewards of starting and growing a business in Latin America. Often the first point of contact for business owners and entrepreneurs looking to enter the region, Craig’s initial role is helping clients to understand the local market, and then with helping them to navigate their way through the complexities of the local business environment.

“When it comes to business, Latin America is one of the fastest growing regions of the world, with a large population and ever-growing middle class. In fact, we believe the region is just coming into its golden age, however, it doesn’t mean that the markets here are without their own unique challenges. It’s our job to help entrepreneurs, business owners and managers understand and balance both their potential problems and their best opportunities and create the right strategy to move forward.”

A key focus for Craig is working with our strategic clients and partners that are looking for regional solutions, whereby he helps our clients to leverage market synergies, to access regional opportunities and to ensure effective and harmonized operations with the most effective business structuring. Although based in Colombia Craig spends 5 to 6 months a year travelling throughout Latin America and is a regular sight in all of our offices across the region.

“The Biz Latin Hub Group was founded on 01 September, 2014 and through maintaining a strong and uncompromising focus on service delivery the Group has grown from being single office startup company in Bogota, Colombia to being a multinational company encompassing all key markets within the Latin American Region”

“As one of the fastest growing Australian owned businesses in Latin America; with a presence in 18 countries, and consisting of staff from over 20 nationalities, the Biz Latin Hub is truly an international group. And all achieved in less then 5 years”

Some notable clients include the Imperial Group (UK), Cargo Jet (Canada), Sedgman (Australia), Laconia Resources (Australia), MHM Metals (Australia), Horton Works (United States), Ascot Resources (Australia), Hexa Resources (UK), NexPay (Australia), HubSpot (US), Vistra (UK), Velocity Global (US), MedReleaf (Canada), Novum (US) and Hopper (US).

Craig - Meet the Team
Craig Dempsey serving with the Australian Army before becoming an Entrepreneur and Business Owner in Latin America.

Before becoming a business owner and entrepreneur Craig served within the armed forces of Australia. As a commissioned officer in the Australian Army Craig has completed multiple combat tours to Central Asia and the Middle East. After leaving the military he transitioned to the Mining Sector and rose quickly to the executive levels, working in Australia, Canada, Peru and Colombia.

Craig is a graduate of the Royal Military College and the Australian Defence Force Academy. He is also qualified Professional Mechanical Engineer from the University of New South Wales, and also holds a Masters in Project Management.

“I would encourage all aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners from Australia and/or all parts of the world to give it a go. With commitment, determination and hard-work, anything is possible. You just need a good idea, an opportunity and a great team.

So what advice for new Entrepreneurs?

“My Advice to new entrepreneurs and business owners is to firstly Identity a market opportunity, then to most importantly validate the economics of your business idea, a step often missed by new entrepreneurs. Then once ready, incorporate a local company, hire the best people that you can afford and then do not accept failure.

5 Key Tips for new Entrepreneurs?

  • Know your value proposition
  • Know your numbers
  • Start small but go fast
  • Be persistent but pragmatic
  • Be willing to pivot with the market

To speak directly with our entrepreneurial CEO, Craig Dempsey, and to see how he can help you with your business needs in Latin America and/or to learn more about his experience living/working in Latin America please contact him and/or visit our corporate office anytime in Bogota, Colombia.

Biz Latin Hub

The Biz Latin Hub Group is the leading provider of Market Entry, Back Office and Company Formation Services within Latin America; with offices in El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Belize, Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina , Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Paraguay, Bolivia and Uruguay the Group is able to offer Business Owners and Entrepreneurs in Latin America unparalleled support across the Region. Please see below a short video to learn more about the history of the Group and the services that we can offer to our clients in Latin America.

YouTube video

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Legal Team Colombia

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