Meet the Team: Bruno “The Family Man” Bonassi

Having been a Qualified Tax Attorney since 2003, Bruno Bonassi is now the Country Manager of Biz Latin Hub’s Brazilian operations – active since August 2018. After completing his undergraduate at FMU in São Paulo, Brazil – close to his hometown of Atibaia where he continues to reside –  Bruno went on to complete a post-graduate degree in Tax at the Pontifícia Universidade Católica, also in Sao Paulo.  According to Bruno, São Paulo “was the best place to be” for his career of choice. 

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The most pleasurable part of his daily life, however, is undoubtedly spending time with his family in their home outside of busy São Paulo.

Keen to continue developing his education – this time seeking religious growth – Bruno made the brave decision to leave Brazil in search of fresh perspectives and spiritual enlightenment in Europe.  This led him, alongside his treasured wife and two daughters, to Hungary where he spent a year studying in a well-renowned Bible Institute, allowing his faith to evolve and grow.  Despite never being particularly enthusiastic about learning languages during childhood, it was there in Hungary that Bruno realized the importance of becoming a Global Citizen, able to communicate with the masses; building more on his English ability became a point of determination for Bruno, and indeed, he succeeded.

Seeking fresh opportunities as always, Bruno saw a plethora of possibilities for growth at Biz Latin Hub back in Brazil and is thoroughly enjoying his time at the company too, aiming to work to his full potential today to create a future of endless possibilities for his daughters. With an impressively diverse professional life, Bruno’s average week ranges from providing high-quality taxation and accounting services to overseeing all of Biz Latin Hub’s operations in Brazil. Through his experiences in Hungary as well as Turkey – where he quietly desires to spend some more time living one day – Bruno gained a true insight into the importance of international collaboration on several fronts, as well as the enjoyment in it. For this reason, meeting clients from around the globe and keeping abreast of an ever-changing legal and international world has become a pleasurable part of his career and daily life. The most pleasurable part of his daily life, however, is undoubtedly spending time with his family in their home outside of busy São Paulo; the idea of growing a family, being part of a community and living in the freedom of the suburbs is something very close to Bruno’s heart. In his own words, “When we are young we have many big dreams and ambitions, and it’s not that we should ever lose them, but as we get older we realize the small things matter just as much.” One of his biggest desires, in fact, is to grow old traveling with his wife while maintaining the strength to ride his motorbike until his final days here on Earth – valiant to say the least.

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