Is Payroll Outsourcing in Chile Right for You?

Payroll outsourcing in Chile offers foreign companies the opportunity to employ local workers without having to go through the more expensive and time-consuming process of company incorporation.

Payroll outsourcing through a professional employer organization (PEO) in Chile represents an opportunity to enter the market unburdened by many of the costs associated with doing business. Because the PEO firm, which can also be referred to as an Employer of Record in Chile, will take on the legal, accounting, and other back-office services related to maintaining employees.

As such, payroll outsourcing makes financial sense for many foreign companies considering doing business in Chile, especially as it is accompanied by the support of a locally-based company with expert knowledge of the commercial environment.

Find out below why payroll outsourcing in Chile could be your best option for your business. 

Is payroll outsourcing in Chile right for my needs?

Payroll outsourcing in Chile gets you workers quick
Is payroll outsourcing in Chile right for you?

Foreign companies looking to enter the Chilean market must decide on which is the best approach to suit their needs when establishing commercial activity in the country.

One of the most efficient options is to outsource some or all of the essential legal, administrative and secretarial tasks that come with successfully operating in Chile, with payroll being a critical service that is prime for such outsourcing. You can do this by engaging with a PEO.

Working with a trusted and experienced PEO to provide you with payroll outsourcing offers you a quick and effective recruitment process, and guarantees the fair treatment and timely payment of local staff.

What is more, an established PEO provider will use enterprise resource planning software (ERP), meaning that when your business grows to the point that you want to establish a local branch or subsidiary, the ERP will allow staff to be transferred to your new legal entity with great ease.

What are the benefits of hiring a PEO?

Engaging with a PEO in Chile offers foreign businesses swift market entry, with Biz Latin Hub generally advising our PEO clients that they can expect a suitable employee to be found for each position within weeks, if not days, depending on the skills and qualifications needed.

Payroll outsourcing in Chile promises the workers for your needs
Find ideal workers through a PEO

Furthermore, for companies from non-Spanish speaking countries, contracting a PEO in Chile or elsewhere in Latin America can bridge the language barrier and cultural divide, especially if you choose a provider with a multinational staff and regional presence. At Biz Latin Hub, we provide documents related to employment in both English and Spanish (or Portuguese in the case of Brazilian operations) as standard, to ensure the smoothest ride for your business.

Payroll outsourcing in Chile through a PEO also ensures full compliance with the local legal framework, which is crucial to the good standing of the PEO client. Note that the PEO will be the official employer before Chilean authorities. Employees are legally bound to the local PEO, who will be liable before the Chilean Ministry of Labour.

Among some of the complex tasks included in a PEO service for payroll outsourcing in Chile are:

  • Salary calculations and ‘payslip’ processing
  • Onboarding and registering of employees with all pertinent local entities 
  • Offboarding of employees and deregistration 
  • Legal gratification calculation 
  • PTO calculations 
  • Medical Licenses 
  • Calculation of bonuses, extra hours, and any other legal benefit
  • Settlement and severance payment calculations
  • Bilingual ongoing counseling in all the aforementioned areas

Outsource payroll in Chile with the help of Biz Latin Hub

At Biz Latin Hub, we offer a full suite of customized back office services, including high quality PEO services, accounting, and tax advisory. Our team of multilingual specialists is equipped to assist you with payroll and human resource administration requirements, so you can focus on growing your core business.

Reach out to us now for personalized assistance. 

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Biz Latin Hub market entry and back-office services
Biz Latin Hub market entry and back-office services

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