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Relocating to a foreign country is without a doubt a life altering decision which takes into consideration a number of factors, like the certainty or prospect of a job in your chosen country. Even though the ideal scenario would be to secure a job before moving to another country, many prefer to go with an open mind and analyze the market and opportunities by themselves at close range.  For those who choose Chile as their destination, there are a several reasons was of easly accessing a transparent and accessible national working force.

Dynamics of the Job Market in Chile

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Finding a job in Chile can be hard for a foreigner

Chile’s stable economy is on the rise, with unemployment rates currently at 6.4% nationwide it is clear that there are many opportunities to make the most of.

The Region with the lowest rate is the 10th Region “Region de Los Lagos” (2.03%) and theThe Region with the highest rate is the 2nd Region “Region de Atacama” (8.84%) Metropolitan Region where Santiago (it’s Capital) is located has an unemployment rate of 6.48%

Labor law: Careers with the most employability.

  • Chile has a vast range of employment opportunities


  • Geology
  • Civil engineering
  • Civil mining engineering
  • Civil electric, telecommunications and computing engineering
  • Medicine
  • Chemistry

Important Things to Consider When Looking for a Job in Chile

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Working in Chile comes with a set of rules

The Minimal monthly wage is of USD 400$ yet the average wage in Santiago stands at USD 861$, it is important however to note the following:

  • A R.U.T. or ID tax number must be requested prior to start work with the local authorities.
  • Labor relation takes either the form of an employment contract or a “Boleta de Honorarios”

It is also important be sure to recognise the difference between an employment contract and a  “Boleta de Honorarios”

  1. An employment contract can be indefinite or restricted until 1 or 2 years or months. “Boleta de Honorarios” must be issued every month.
  2. If termination occurs, compensations are different.
  3. Legal deductions are different.

In order to work legally in Chile will will be asked to have a work visa or permanent residency. The opportunities can be especially interesting for those who specialise and post graduate studies due to them being highly regarded.

The best way to start searching for a job in Chile is to start by using the wast range of efficient, free and user friendly websites existing for your job search. More recently a lot of recruitment adds have moved to Facebook page and Linked-in. As said above they have developed a high demand for people with specialized technical diplomas and knowledge.

What To Do BEFORE getting to Chile

In the instance of the necessity of a certified diploma, you will  need to Legalize your professional or technical diploma/certificate. In order to accelerate the process with the transition is is recommended that if the diploma/certificate is not in Spanish or English you should translate it into them, this will also maximise your chances with employment opportunities.

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Chile is a very cosmopolitan country

A Cosmopolitan Country

Since it’s economic boom Chile has seen the numbers of immigrants escalating significantly over the past years. This however hasn’t stimulated xenophobia towards Lawful immigrants and they are treated with respect and given the same opportunities and rights as Chilean nationals.

English is being spoken, used and understood increasingly to the point that it is often possible to getting away with speaking little Spanish when arriving, however it has to be noted that their accent has a reputation for being different.

Biz Latin Hub offers hiring & PEO in Chile

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On top of hiring & PEO, our portfolio of services also includes accounting & taxation, company formation, bank account opening, and corporate legal services.

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