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Teleworking Regulations to Continue Business in Ecuador

Teleworking has become a reality for Ecuadorians during the Covid-19 outbreak. However, it is also part of the regulatory framework supervised by the Ministry of Labour of Ecuador, defining teleworking as “the provision of legal and personal services, in a dependent relationship, of a non-present nature, during ordinary or special working days, outside the facilities of the place where the worker works”.

We describe Ecuador’s new teleworking regulations established by the government to continue doing business in the country.

Teleworking in Ecuador

Woman using her laptop to work from home, as teleworking is one of the measures implented during Covid-19 outbreak in Ecuador.
Teleworking is one of the measures implented during Covid-19 outbreak.

It is important to consider that, in a country like Ecuador, many people still live from the profits obtained from informal jobs such as street sales or stalls in the food market. For this reason, the reactivation of the economy is a priority for Ecuador’s government.

While ensuring the implementation of all precautionary measures to stop the spread of Coronavirus – including teleworking – the country began with the reactivation of its economy since mid-May. However, many people living in the urban areas of Ecuador are still working from home.

Reactivation of labour activities in Ecuador

Since June 2020, Quito, the capital of Ecuador and the city where all main national and international companies operate, took the next step in the reactivation of its economic activities as a city. The government authorized citizens to stay out of their homes until 9pm, allowing companies to resume their work activities.

Likewise, the local government emphasizes the prioritization of teleworking for those whose economic activities were not related to the attention of customers, and whose work could be done virtually.

Security considerations in offices

For those companies that expect to continue their activities as normally as possible, there are some aspects to take into consideration. These are determined by the Ministry of Labor of Ecuador through its “Action Guide for the prevention and control of Covid-19 during the face-to-face working day”, issued in May of 2020.

Who should prioritize teleworking?

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Confirmed Covid-19 cases must prioritize teleworking.

The guides provided by the Ministry of Labor states that people with a confirmed diagnosis of Covid-19, those with possible symptoms and those who have been in contact – without keeping the proper interpersonal distance – with people with a confirmed case of Covid-19, should not attend the office and must prioritize teleworking.

Basic protection measures

If a company has between 1-10 employees, it must comply with a certain number of protective measures, such as:

  • Develop entry and exit protocols for employees.
  • The employer must guarantee a permanent supply of water, liquid soap, drying towels, and alcohol-based hand sanitizers.
  • Once the level of risk of exposure has been identified, the employer must provide personal protective equipment to their employees.
  • Maintain a physical distance of at least 2 meters.
  • Ensure proper and regular disinfection of surfaces and equipment in the work environment.
  • Ensure teleworking for those employees whose job activities can be undertaken from home.

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