How to Apply for a Visa in the Dominican Republic

It is fundamental for business owners and executives to understand their options to obtain a visa in the Dominican Republic for their investment and commercial activity.

The Dominican Republic is a viable destination for your company expansion in the Caribbean due to its stable and growing economy, well-established legal system, and flexible company incorporation processes. There are also several options for businesspeople to obtain a visa and residency in the country for their work and/or investment.

The Investors Law 171-07 and Pensioners, Retirees and Rentiers Law 171-07 outline eligibility requirements to obtain a visa in the Dominican Republic. Any relevant kinship ties play a part in visa eligibility as well. Business executives may apply for an Investor Visa, whereby they are permitted to perform paid work in the Dominican Republic, and have a clear pathway to residency if required. This visa does set a minimum investment requirement, and applicants must be careful to comply with all conditions of the visa. It is recommended to engage with a local bilingual expert to support you through this process.

In this presentation, our visa processing professionals have given an overview of the conditions and requirements to obtain an Investor Visa in the Dominican Republic. For further personalized advice and support, reach out to our team of specialists to receive a quote customized to your business needs.

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