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Why Outsource Your Corporate Secretarial Services in Brazil?

As Brazil is the largest economy in Latin America and is a key gateway to doing business in other neighbouring nations, accelerating productivity growth is one of Brazil’s top priorities. We recommended outsourcing your corporate secretarial services in Brazil, as it is the best way to comply with the requirements of both international and local law, while ensuring the positive reputation of your company.

Learn how a local partner can ensure you comply with local and international legislative requirements through the provision of professional corporate secretarial services in Brazil.  

Advantages of doing business in Brazil

With Brazil having an estimated population of 214 million, the country holds and presents a number of opportunities within many emerging markets and new sectors.  There are multiple reasons and opportunities available for executives doing business in the country, such as:

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Corporate secretarial services alleviate stresses and concerns when expanding your business.
  • Promising Start-up ecosystem.
  • E-commerce opportunities.
  • Investor-friendly visa programs.
  • Economic resilience.
  • Access to other Latin American nations.
  • Movement of goods and services.
  • Reduced layers of bureaucracy.

To successfully incorporate a business in Brazil, you will need to engage with a corporate secretarial services provider that can successfully guide you through this process and connect with all relevant government authorities. This will ensure you can do business in Brazil with minimal delay and in full compliance with local law.

Benefits of outsourcing corporate secretarial services in Brazil

Establishing new operations in a country like Brazil can be challenging. Especially when it comes to new local tax regulations, adapting to new business culture, and hiring the right staff.  This can be time-consuming and is made even more complicated when considering cultural and language barriers. 

For these reasons, it is recommended to work with a local partner who can support business operations through the provision of corporate secretarial services in Brazil. Local business advisors are able to reduce the costs and burdens for their clients. Corporate secretarial services can include the following:

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Corporate secretarial services reduce the costs and administrative burdens.
  • Maintaining electronic copies of statutory registers.
  • Drafting electronic documents for annual general meetings.
  • Ensuring statutory returns are submitted.
  • Corresponding with local authorities.
  • Comply with what is requested with local authorities.
  • Compliance audits and statutory book reviews.
  • Company incorporations, name changes, and re-registrations.
  • Changes to a company’s constitution, directors and secretary and share capital.
  • Group company restructuring and re-organization.
  • Administration of shareholder registers.
  • Registering company offices (‘fiscal domicile’). 

Outsource your corporate secretarial services with the help of bilingual experts

Doing business in Brazil can be somewhat complex without the right guidance and support. Given the depth of business opportunities throughout the country, it is no surprise that smart businesses are setting up offices in Brazil. 

Biz Latin Hub has offices in all key Latin-American jurisdictions supported by a team of bilingual and professional experts that can help you to successfully operate in the region. We have many years of experience providing advice and support to companies undertaking corporate secretarial duties in a wide range of industries. Get in contact with us now to receive personalized assistance on how to outsource your corporate services in Brazil.

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