Why outsource your employee onboarding and payroll services?

Entrepreneurs expanding into a new market or territory must take many business tasks and aspects into consideration, including sales, business law, and human resources. However, when operating in a foreign market, getting to grips with local regulations can be challenging. Executives with operations in many countries and markets must deal with varying approaches to doing business and managing staff. Global businesses not only have to support a successful business in a new market. They must also navigate regulations, red tape, the ever-changing laws and legislation.

One way to avoid such headaches when expanding your business overseas is to outsource employee onboarding and payroll. This relieves businesses of time-consuming and complex activities during the market entry process. Below, we offer some of the biggest benefits to doing so.

No need for payroll staff

Outsourcing payroll Latin America
Outsourcing payroll and employee onboarding avoids the need for in-house resources and staff; your employees can then focus on more important business responsibilities.

For foreign companies looking to expand into Latin America, getting to grips with the local business culture, recruitment and hiring overnight is nightmarish. Outsourcing payroll allows businesses to avoid hiring payroll staff. Human Resource (HR) and accounting professionals are usually easy to come by, but as an international business, you will likely require a specialist approach tailored to your organization.

Of course, businesses can operate their HR and payroll from their head office in another country, but this can complicate the process and make reporting accounts difficult.

Save on onboarding costs

Outsourcing payroll and employee on-boarding avoids the need for in-house resources and staff and means that your employees can focus on more important business responsibilities. On top of that, hiring and training a payroll or onboarding specialist can take time, and is made more complicated when factoring in language barriers or cultural differences. Putting the onus of these activities on another firm quickly makes financial sense when ensuring due diligence is paid to balancing the books and meeting compliance requirements.

Expanding a business into a new market requires an ongoing recruitment and hiring process. With that comes changes in personnel, updating compensation structures, and report filing to government authorities in order to remain compliant. In the early days of international expansion, executives and managers do not need the added pressure of onboarding or data entry for human resources. Outsourcing allows for ongoing operations and a streamlined hiring and recruitment process. Leaders can feel comfortable that paperwork and onboarding is completed by a professional and will be managed in a timely manner.

Consistency for new employees

Whether expanding into mining in Latin America or establishing a business that imports and exports goods in Australia, the majority of your new hires will require the same training and onboarding to ensure their safety and competency in the role. As such, it is wise to outsource the onboarding process to ensure consistency and clarity. Onboarding specialists will make your new employees feel welcome and confident, give them the knowledge and tools required to execute their responsibilities effectively. This approach gives employees the same onboarding experiences, regardless of their background or skill levels.

Reducing staff turnover

An effective employee onboarding experience reduces employee turnover, as new hires will feel empowered by their positive start and thorough training. As labor becomes harder to retain in some industries, a standardized and inspiring onboarding process reduces employee dissatisfaction and absenteeism. This aids the growth and development of your new overseas business.

In addition, a straightforward, professional payroll system means employees will be paid on time, regardless of how busy executives become. Collectively, positive onboarding and succinct payroll systems improve job satisfaction and employee loyalty.

Ensure your business stays compliant

In some foreign markets, incorrect payroll or taxation can result in prosecution. As a Chief Executive or founder, you will be made liable for damages. Without spending months getting to grips with the ins and outs of hiring/payroll as a Chief Executive in a new market, it can be easy to make mistakes or overlook flaws in the onboarding process. Outsourcing payroll is your insurance against costly mistakes, and reassurance that the business will stay fully compliant with local employment law.

No need for a legal entity

Onboarding Latin America
Outsourcing payroll is your insurance against costly mistakes, and reassurance that you’ll stay fully compliant.

Businesses entering into a new market for research, development and competition purposes, without needing to begin trading immediately, may choose not to establish a legal entity. This saves these companies time and money. When executing a geographic marketing strategy or using a professional employer outsourcer, outsourcing your payroll takes away the liability of establishing a legal entity. Your payroll will then be fully compliant in the country of entry.

Market knowledge advantages

Finally, outsourcing important business responsibilities helps to keep your business alert to changes in local employment laws. If the minimum wage was to increase, for example, your outsourcing specialist will be able to advise you in advance. Staying ahead of upcoming legislative changes allows business to promptly adapt and remain compliant. It is always recommended to keep an eye on local employment laws, but speaking with a specialist who understands the market offers peace of mind.

Work with Biz Latin Hub

If you’re planning to expand within or beyond Latin America, consider talking to the back-office specialists at Biz Latin Hub. We offer a range of customized services, including hiring services and accounting and taxation. Let us assist with payroll and human resource administration matters, so you can focus on growing your core business.

To find out more, contact the experts here at Biz Latin Hub, and a member of the team will get back to you with a personalized quotation based on your requirements. We look forward to hearing from you and working with your business.

The information provided here within should not be construed as formal guidance or advice. Please consult a professional for your specific situation. Information provided is for informative purposes only and may not capture all pertinent laws, standards, and best practices. The regulatory landscape is continually evolving; information mentioned may be outdated and/or could undergo changes. The interpretations presented are not official. Some sections are based on the interpretations or views of relevant authorities, but we cannot ensure that these perspectives will be supported in all professional settings.

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