When starting with your export plans, it seems that the whole world is at your feet to be conquered. But where to start?

Which countries not to go?

In general for SME’s we would recommend to exclude a number of countries for your exports:

  • Countries with a very low national income per person: the question is whether there is enough buying power to buy your articles.
  • Countries with a low number of inhabitants, unless these are very wealthy: perhaps you might be doing a lot of effort for only a small market.
  • Countries that rank low on the ‘ease of doing business’ list. Of the around 180 countries that are listed, you shouldn’t go below rank 100, unless it’s a very interesting and promising market for your product.
  • Countries with low logistics performance, countries with are boycotted or with unrest or a unpredictable law systems. But mostly these are not the countries with the highest incomes.

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