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6 Steps to Import Beverages into Mexico!

Want to Import Beverages into Mexico? Are you brewing a beer, creating the latest liquor or maybe even cold brew coffee? Have you made a nice business and would like to expand your great quality beverages to a high beverage consumption population? Mexico contains a young generation with more than half the population under the age of 35, a rise of microbreweries, liquor stores, cafes and Mexico is very open to trading. So where do you start? 

Food and Drink is a big part of Mexican Culture

How to Import Beverages into Mexico!

Importing into Mexico is easier when done correctly. This is how you should proceed:

1. You must choose the type of beverage that you would like to export which will need to have a classification code through the Harmonized Systems Committee (HSC). Send them a photo of your beverage and a list of ingredients that are contained inside to be approved.
2. It is recommended that you form a company in Mexico in order to save you time and money. Offshoring or using a third party is an option, yet more expensive.
3. The tax authority (Padron de Importadores) provides a list of businesses that are authorised to import. Here you will find out how much you have to pay for importing and taxes.
4. Organise with a shipping company to transport your beer in containers to send it over to Mexico. Don’t forget to Insure the containers!!
5. Once the ship has arrived in Mexico, the Mexican customs broker agent will need to receive a Bill of landing (Conocimiento Embarca). The agent will verify the container that it is made up of the information you have provided them beforehand. This includes correct labelling, ingredients and the amount of beer that you have sent. When you are given the green light, you must pay the importation cost and taxes and receive a ticket of authority from the Customs Broker.
6. Your beverage will then be sent to through a customs clearance (Despacho Aduanero). Once cleared you must have a solution for distribution in Mexico.

For distribution, you can go through a third party (Comercializadora, which might cost a bit more than having your own business incorporated in Mexico. It’s more effective in the long run, to form a company in Mexico and use a storage area (Almazen). It’s not necessary to have a big team in Mexico as the distribution depends on your importation strategy.

Football World Cup and Craft Beer- “Trump that Beer on the US-Mexican Border”

With Mexico advancing to the FIFA World Cup there is plenty to celebrate; what’s better than a great tasting craft beer! Mexicans love their beer, in fact, they are the 4th largest producer of beer, craft beer may even bring peace on the US-Mexican border.

It’s exciting times in Mexico for beer,  with growing trends of demand for craft artisanal beer. Biz Latin Hub has many services to help you enter your craft beer successfully without any surprises. A previous client of ours tried to enter the market without knowing fully the process. Having used the legal services of BizLatinhub with an international trade specialist, they were able to save money, time and successfully enter the market, letting them concentrate more on the business side of things.

Furthermore, hiring a back office services company will help you with the logistics. It will make sure the merchandise successfully gets through Mexican customs. The bookkeeping is handled by local expert accountants that are aware of tax regulations and make the entire exporting process run smoothly. Our client is most likely going to double their exports based on the popularity of their brand here in Mexico.

Biz Latin Hub can assist you doing business in Mexico

At Biz Latin Hub, our team of corporate support experts has the experience and expertise to provide you with the assistance you need to launch and do business in Mexico. Whether you are interested in fintech in Mexico, or any other commercial sector, our comprehensive portfolio of back-office services includes company formation, accounting & taxation, legal services, and visa processing, among others, meaning we can offer a package of integrated services tailored to your individual needs.

We have teams based throughout Latin America and the Caribbean and currently facilitate investment in 18 markets around the region.

Contact us today to understand more about how we can support your business.

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