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5 Back-Office Services in the Dominican Republic

Outsourcing back-office services in the Dominican Republic could be a wise option if you are planning on launching in the Caribbean’s largest economy, or even if you are already active there. 

Back-office Services in The Dominican Republic – the second largest country in the Caribbean after Cuba.

When you outsource back-office services in the Dominican Republic, you tap into the expert knowledge of your provider, who can help you negotiate unfamiliar aspects of the local regulatory regime, while also providing you access with their well-established connections with the local business community.

Moreover, by outsourcing back-office services and administrative responsibilities in The Dominican Republic, you are freed up to focus your in-house resources on more client-facing and profit-oriented aspects of your business, which will ultimately be the key to growing your business.

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Below, five back-office services in the Dominican Republic are considered, after some consideration is given to the market as an investment destination.

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Why invest in the Dominican Republic?

Lets look at a summary of the country’s economy, and see why outsourcing back-office services in the Dominican Republic could benefit your business. As well as being the largest economy in the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic is the eighth-largest in the Latin America region. That follows decades of impressive growth, since the nation introduced a range of measures in the 1990s to open up its economy to investment.

That has seen gross domestic product (GDP) rise dramatically over recent years, experiencing no downturn between 2004 and 2019, until the global pandemic struck in 2020 and caused contraction, like in most of the world. During that 15-year period, gross national income (GNI) — a key indicator of general prosperity — saw a corresponding rise.

Nevertheless, the economy has been showing signs of recovery, with the country’s crucial tourism industry recently reporting that numbers had bounced back to 80% of their pre-pandemic levels, while a major cruise terminal reopened to passengers for the first time since the onset of the global health emergency.

Meanwhile, exports of gold — one of the country’s most important goods — jumped 80% in value, thanks in part to soaring commodity prices. These are just some factors as to why outsourcing back-office services in the Dominican Republic would be beneficial to your company.

As of February 2022, the Dominican Republic has become the first Caribbean nation to initiate a green strategy. The “Green Taxonomy” project, led by the International Finance Corporation, the Superintendent of the Securities Market, and the Ministry of Environment, aims to implement strategies that foster the development of a sustainable capital market and contribute to climate change mitigation. This sort of innovation sets out the Dominican Republic within the larger region as a good country to invest money into.

The investment environment is also bolstered by the presence of more than 75 free-trade zones (FTZs), offering companies attractive tax incentives. Those FTZs cater to a wide variety of sectors, with significant growth seen in tech companies and call centers over recent years.

With the economy reactivating, outsourcing back-office services in the Dominican Republic can be an attractive option to investors seeking to capitalize on the range of opportunities on offer in the country.

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5 back-office services in the Dominican Republic to outsource

For anyone looking to do business in the market, outsourcing the following back-office services in the Dominican Republic could be a good choice.

  1. Company formation

When you outsource company formation in the Dominican Republic, you can call on the expert knowledge of your provider to guarantee that you make the right choices in terms of the type of entity to establish, as well as some of the finer details such as who to bank with.

You also guarantee that the process will be carried out in the shortest time possible, and in full compliance with all local regulations and norms, meaning that you can rest assured that you will not encounter any legal inconveniences.

  1. Legal services

The corporate legal regime of any new market you enter will have its own unique and sometimes unexpected elements, so outsourcing legal services to a company with a firm understanding of that regime can be a wise choice.

While you may wish to seek out the services of a dedicated corporate legal firm, if you are considering outsourcing a range of back-office  services in the Dominican Republic, you may find that you are best served by seeking out firm with a broader portfolio of corporate support options in order to cover all of your needs with one services agreement.

  1. Accounting & taxation

As in the case of corporate law, accounting and taxation can be different from one market to another, and a local expert will be well placed to help you negotiate the local tax regime, offering you opportunities to best manage your tax burden. This is crucial when considering which back-office services in the Dominican Republic to outsource.

Where you are also active in other markets, it is often worthwhile choosing a provider with multi-jurisdiction coverage, as they will have an understanding of the other taxation regimes you are dealing with and will have experience in helping clients effectively manage taxes across multiple jurisdictions.

  1. Hiring & payroll 

One of the biggest challenges in a new market is finding the right talent for your business. By seeking out a provider with a track record of assisting clients with hiring staff, you will be able to access their established recruitment network, as well as rely on their knowledge of the best educational institutions when it comes to vetting suitable staff for the roles you are seeking to fill. Such a firm will generally also be able to manage your payroll — relieving you of a significant administrative burden.

Where that company offers professional employer organization (PEO) services, you also have the option of hiring staff before you have even gone through company formation, allowing you to enter the market quickly. This is important to note when contracting back-office services in the Dominican Republic.

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  1. Due diligence 

If you are planning on entering the Dominican market via a merger or acquisition, or simply would like to get insight into a local company before establishing some sort of commercial relationship with them, you will need to find an experienced provider with a strong track record of offering due diligence services.

Because due diligence will be essential to minimizing risks associated with your new commercial relationship, and will be best carried out by a firm with a firm knowledge of the local market, and a reliable network to access while carrying out a thorough assessment of the target of your due diligence process. This is additionally important to note when contracting back-office services in the Dominican Republic.

Biz Latin Hub can provide back-office services in the Dominican Republic

At Biz Latin Hub, our extensive portfolio of business support solutions means we are well placed to be your provider of back-office services in the Dominican Republic. Whether you are seeking company formation, legal services, accounting & taxation, hiring, due diligence, or any other type of corporate assistance, we can offer a tailored and comprehensive package to meet all of your needs in the Dominican Republic, or any of the other 18 markets around Latin America and the Caribbean where we have teams in place.

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